Princesse Angine

Name: Princesse Angine
Herkunft: 1030 Vienna, Oesterreich
Genre: Indie Rock
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Kategorie: Band
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Princesse Angine

„Princesse Angine' s“ songs are given without prescription and they are effective against avitaminosis, depressions and sunstrokes. The main characteristic features of „Princesse Angine' s“ songs are catchy melodies and lyrics about the struggle of the almost 25 year olds with the postmodern era.

Xenia Ostrovskaya is the author of music and lyrics, she's also the voice of the project. In 2009 Xenia started to compose songs, which she performed in Vienna to the accompaniment of a klezmer musician Svetlana Kundish. At that time she fell in love with a surrealistic novel „La Princesse Angine“ by a French writer Roland Topor that resulted into the name of the musical project.
In spring 2013 „Princesse Angine' s“ songs were arranged for a string quartet. In summer 2014 „Princesse Angine“ took part in the international „Balcony TV“ project.

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