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13.12. - 14.12.2019
mit: Waves like Walls, Knockout Concept, End Of Nothing, Drown The Sun, Falsetrip, Varus, Human Suffering, Dawn Of Eternity, Fading Aeon, Lost in Salvation
14.12. - 15.12.2018
mit: Shark Tank, Resist The Ocean, Brave After All, Ashes of Sorrow, Missing Avery, Heressiah, Human Suffering, Brain Damage, Bastard's Breed
15.12. - 16.12.2017
mit: Defy The Laws Of Tradition, Falling From Grace, In Our Hands, Lions from Alaska, Hunted by Hundreds, Absent/Minded, Trinity Site, Betrayal, Vehemenz, Dead Man's Face
16.12. - 17.12.2016
mit: Scars Of A Lifetime, Falling From Grace, Hundred Betrayals, Kotov Syndrome, Ashes Of A Lifetime, The Flesh Trading Company, Dvalin, Varus, Infected Authoritah, Sasquatch, Empyreal