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mit: Them, Warfield, Insurrection, Dagger in Hand, Ninetynine, Call of the Sirens, Screwed Death, Poisonic, Saraksh
mit: Moronic, Lord Vigo, Humator, Old Mother Hell, Boiling Blood, Premortal Breath, Zombieslut, The Italian Way, Screwed Death
mit: Into Darkness, Selfish Hate, Raw, Bastard Nation, Decypher, Motorlizard, Last Memorial, Ikarus
mit: The Prophecy 23, Toxik Shokk, Hellknife, Dagger In Hand, Vellocet, The Vibromatics, Hell Patröl, Tyrant Eyes, Hostis Humani Generis, Second Aid
mit: Boiling Blood, Spheron, Raw, Veilside, Second Aid, Fighting Chance, Slaughterra, Loaded, Nordic Throne, Used By Day
mit: Sensles, Into Darkness, Swedish Surprise Act, Arctic Winter, Daddy:Wild, War Agenda, Hellbent on Rocking, Drebin, Haunting Confession, Vellocet
mit: Crackbrained, Die! She Said, Compulsive Slaughter, Blood, The Prehistoric Gentlemens Club, Urban Breath, The Incredible Mole Rats, Beneath The Grey, Sensles
mit: Deliver, Battlemage, Blutgericht, The Prophecy 23, Loaded, 50 P.S.E., Boiling Blood, Second Aid, Tombthroat, Spheron, Jane Saw Jones
mit: Entorx, Compulsive Slaughter, Under Pressure, Nothings Left, The Vibromatics, Shotgun Shell, The Sexy Drugs, Baby Lou, New Born Hate, Beneath The Grey
mit: Hatchery, For Decay, Lethe, Spheron, All Fucked Up, Pete Mosh, Painsaw, Project-Brain-Storm, Manifestation, Zombieslut, Stay Strong
mit: Into Darkness, Raw, Boiling Blood, Undine, Miles To Go, Mortified, Project-Brain-Storm, For Decay, Second Aid, Three Years Ago, Break Your Silence
mit: Bastard Nation, Bleed Into One, BS10, Crisis Never Ends, Enraged By Beauty, Gutwrench, Hatchery, Nothing To Regret, Orgasmodemon, Sensles, Tombthroat
mit: Fragments Of Unbecoming, Hatchery, Rebirth, Elle Penetranto, Shamrock, Second Aid, Them, Woof, 50 P.S.E., Desert Rain, Tombthroat