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23.06. - 26.06.2011
mit: Destruction, Schandmaul, Bloodwork, Cripper, Bukowskis, D.A.M.N., Art of Eternity, Booze Control, Demoriel, Die Wilde Dreizehn, ETECC, Hellstate, Kambrium, King Leoric, Nailed to Obscurity, Out Of Mind, Oh! What A Vile Creation, Raw Like Fish, Science of Sleep, Schlagwerk, Symbiotic Systems
24.06. - 26.06.2010
mit: Bedlam Broke Loose, Oh! What A Vile Creation, Revolt, Need2Destroy, HOS, Booze Control, Dark Daze Ahead, Dissouled, Oculus Tempestatis, Priests of Broken Words, Damnation Defaced, Metal Witch, Maroon, Cast in Silence, Kambrium, Die Wilde Dreizehn, Pride Shall Fall, Confession by Silence, Battue ...
25.06. - 27.06.2009
mit: All I Die For, Ancestry, Bloodwork, Bukowskis, Decayed, Divine Noise Attack, Frail Embrace, Hellstate, Heretic Soul, Metal Witch, Oscar, Rabenwolf, Revolt, Sariel, Servator, Sheepshot, Sniper, Soulerosion, Spheric, Succubitch, Suidakra, Torturized, Vader, White Blade, Wolfs Moon
27.06. - 29.06.2008
mit: Under Construction, Mad Lapel, Sushi Taxi, Gunslinger, Tooth 'n' Nail, Limited Edition, Transilvanian Beat Club, Sheep Shot, Priests of Broken Words, Captivity, Dooload-Slot, Metal Witch, Kambrium, Hellstate, Bloodshed, Wolfs Moon, Sylent Noise, Cripper, Sycronomica, Drone, Forever it Shall Be ...