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25.07. - 27.07.2019
mit: Valve Radio Gang, The Underground Circus, On The Roof, Pete Jones Trio, Semikolon, The. Gruuve. Collective, Noire, Neeve, Der Film, From The Attic, The Prophecy 23, Cantus Levitas, Circle Of Silence, Spitefuel, Even Temper, Pennysurfers, The Neighbourhood Creeps, Reternity, Florida Or Bust ...
26.07. - 28.07.2018
mit: The Prophecy 23, Cypecore, Spitefuel, Mel T. Eyes, No Date Theory, African Corpse, The Punk Poets, Gosu, The Neighbourhood Creeps, The.Gruuve.Collective, The Underground Circus, High Tide, Trails, On The Roof, Pete Jones, Les Purple Hammer, Shorty, Skinny Peaches, Rahî, Disørder
27.07. - 29.07.2017
mit: Drive Darling, Valve Radio Gang, High Tide, Dote, On The Roof, The Prophecy 23, Soilid, SpiteFuel, Circle Of Silence, The Distillery Rats, No Date Theory, Allehackbar, Fehlschlag, Crooked Grind
28.07. - 30.07.2016
mit: Van Holzen, No Date Theory, Lampe, Foxxy Rooster, Head & Heart, High Tide, My Humble Self, On The Roof, The Punk Poets, The Underground Circus, Wings Of Illusion, Fjørt, Hackneyed, The Prophecy²³, Circle Of Silence, Acromonia, Gosu, Helldorados, Hard Riot, Silence Failed, SpiteFuel
23.07. - 25.07.2015
mit: Danmarck, Mas, Drive Darling, Fehlschlag, High Tide, No Date Theory, Relation, Strangelet, Valve Radio Gang, We Caught The Birds, His Statue Falls, Dust Bolt, Cypecore, The Prophecy²³, Arktis, The Jane Doe Incident, Mel T. Eyes, War Agenda, Devil's Darling, Nevermore Awake
25.07. - 27.07.2013
mit: We Butter The Bread With Butter, The Prophecy 23, Circle Of Silence, Helldorados, African Corpse, New Born Hate, Necrotted, Cantus Levitas, Ichorid, Evil Drunken Death, Andioliphilipp, The Distillery Rats
26.07. - 28.07.2012
mit: Pohlmann, Götz Widmann, Maxim, Schwobeland, Hackneyed, Bloodwork, Drone, The Prophecy 23, Circle of Silence, Blue Veiins, White Planet, Bad Taste, The Distillery Rats, African Corpse, Soilid, Acromonia, Firelake, Unrated, Spiked, Skepsis, Hard Riot, Dawn of Revenge, Necktarios Vlacholoulos ...