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19.05. - 20.05.2023
mit: John Steam Jr., Dotundertwo, Sunday Morning Orchestra, Graupause, Reinhardt Weint Wennerschreit, The Magnetics, Grass Station, Masons Arms, Pets, Last Boys Left, T-Killas, Karin Rabhansl, Doctor KrŠpula, James Bar Bowen, Loaded, Boom Boom Racoon, Bonsai Kitten
27.05. - 28.05.2022
mit: Clarksville Junior, The Deadnotes, Nobutthefrog
, NH3, Maximilian Adler
, The Jancee Pornick Casino, Gymmick, Skassapunka, Saturday's Heroes, Kris Rocket
, The One Droppers, One Chord Left
, IDestroy, Nun flog Dr. Bert Rabe
, Babylove and The Van Dangos ...
31.05. - 01.06.2019
mit: Skassapunka, Money Left To Burn, Spicy Roots, The Porters, Elena Steri, Folk's Worst Nightmare, Tigeryouth, Menagramo, Scallwags, Nerd School, Johnny Reggae Rub, Foundation, Queens of Everything, The Bigtown Bandits, Black Elephant Band, Karin Rabhansl, Johnny Campbell, Dreadskin Kick Box
11.05. - 12.05.2018
mit: Bring Back Barbara, Franz Flak, The Moorings, The Valkyrians, The Courettes, Joschko, Wollstiefel, Folk's Worst Nightmare, Hipbone Slim, Slick 50, Fightball, Howlin Max Messer, The Magnetics, Gemma & The Travellers, King Lui Van Beethoven, Beagle, Harry Gump, Tim Loud
26.05. - 27.05.2017
mit: The Girly Birds, Corinore, Berlin Blackouts, Skarface, Skaos, Hellabama Honky Tonks, The Psychonauts, Ati Edge & The Shadowbirds, New Street Adventure, Big John Bates, Electric Love, Kris Rocket, The Cans, Folk's Worst Nightmare, Stumfol, Crispy Jones, Baby Kreuzberg
27.05. - 28.05.2016
mit: ‹beryou, Baretta Love, Cartoon Violence, Loaded, Rantanplan, Sunny Recorders, The Gorilla Gunmen, Stone Foundation, Bloodsucking Zombies from outer Space, The Peacocks, The One Droppers, Boogie Tones, Brickwater and his Jens Hold Band, The Deadnotes, The Black Elephant Band, Freddy Fudd Pucker
mit: Mother Mountain, The Yoohoos, King Automatic, Vanna Inget, Dˇse, The Bombpops
mit: The Dehydrators, The Cans, Cyanide Pills, Get Dead, The Baboon Show, Giuda
mit: Peter Pan Speedrock, Thee Spivs, Radio Dead Ones, District Monica, Prima Donna
mit: Amphimatic, Fastbeat Superchargers, Droogiez, Crashed out, The Jancee Pornick Casino
mit: Taxdogers, Seizures, Willie Tanner, King Vegas, King Lui van Beethoven, Dj Kemp-O-Mat