Triplicity Music & Arts Festival

From: 23.05.2019 To: 27.05.2019
Das Festival war vor 31 days

Triplicity is a fully immersive Psychedelic Music and Arts Festival taking place annually in the UK.

The event was born in 2012 and was the brain child of 3 close friends who had a passion for electronic music since the 90's. In the early days we organised underground free parties in the mountains and forests of Wales.
Taking inspiration from the european festival scene in 2012 we held our first event in Wales and invited all of our friends.

​The Triplicity tribe has grown considerably over the last few years and the core founders are still pushing forward to create an unforgettable psychedelic experience.

Psytrance, Psydub, Dub, Psytech, Dark... mehr
Psytrance, Psydub, Dub, Psytech, Dark Progressive Trance, HiTech, Dark Progressive Psytrance, PsyTech ... close
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 70 - 115
Location: Secret Location
City: Secret Location
Country: Wales
Website: Triplicity Music & Arts Festival


Jahbo, Kromagon, Mngrm, Highko, Nomad 25, Aardvarkk, E.V.P, Fagin's Reject, Mandala, James West, Loose Connection, Sneaky Voodoo, Phsiris, Quadrant, Neutron, Elden, Psycode, Moonquake, Gradual, Gurtrude, Multiseed, Iah, Lorraine, Sutekh, Sprocket, Gonewest, Android, G.E.O.R.G.E, Peter Groskruetz, Nanosphere, Nikroma, Akasha, Quanta, Tummy Talk, Eurythmy, Beatroots, Wolf Tech, Globular, Soluble Sounds, Illusive Tuna, Jon Sangita, Nango Manchay, Ann Wot, Geo, Cosmic Waffle, Doctor Spiral, Fractal Forest, Soulah, Robin Triskele, Jamez 23, Hari Mau Matt, Pieman, Nogoa, Sanial, Patterns, Dreamfaerie

zum kompletten Programm Triplicity Music & Arts Festival
Triplicity Music & Arts Festival Triplicity Music & Arts Festival

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