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10.07. - 11.07.2020
wurde abgesagt!
12.07. - 13.07.2019
mit: Holiday Hookers, Kopfecho, Bulls on Parade, Massendefekt, Kiss Forever Band, Kings Of Lyon, Still Counting, The Rumjacks, Gnadenhof
06.07. - 07.07.2018
mit: Radiovegas, The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats, The Offspin, Korn again, Generation Grunge, Falling in Paranoia, The Stitchmachines, Godmachine, Southern Caravan Breath, Arcadium, Piknik Park, Remode, Dire Strats
07.07. - 08.07.2017
mit: Feuerengel, Alex im Westerland, British Fame, RedNight, Red Flag, Mr. Jack, Tri State Corner, Diolegacy
08.07. - 09.07.2016
mit: Honeytruck, SlayEnsemle, Four Fighters, Jilted Generation, Tune Circus, Pearl Jamming, The Bruceband, Srained
10.07. - 11.07.2015
mit: Bipolar, Kilminister, My'tallica, Stiff Bizkit, Fourtones, Let Love Rule, Regatta De Blanc, Mr. Thatcher
11.07. - 12.07.2014
mit: The Sunpilots, Piknik Park, Volboat, Saddiscore, Schmidter Terror-Corps, Bulls On Parade, Mixed Music Company, Bounce, IC/TC
12.07. - 13.07.2013
mit: Black Blitz, Dookie, DJ@Knight, End of an Era, The Black Sheep, Coldplace, Scenery
06.07. - 07.07.2012
mit: Alex im Westerland, No fear the enemy, Tussi Deluxe, Stay rising in autumn, Escape & the Venushills, End of an Era, Coconut Butts, Arcadium, Achtung Baby, The Dark
mit: Hoch Pornös, In Utero, Srained, David Enns, Demon's Eye
mit: Vampire, Zenith, Blues Box Unlimited
mit: Sidewalk, Nutellica, 4Backwoods, Boiling Point