This Is Ska Festival - Das Archiv

03.09. - 04.09.2021
mit: Roy Ellis, El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs, Mark Foggo, The Judge Dread Memorial, Yellow Umbrella, The Offenders, Blechreiz, Spicy Roots, The Kyiv All Girl Ska Orchestra, The Valkyrians, The Originators, Vespa, Rolando Random & the Young Soul Rebels, Masons Arms, Macsat, Rudeboy Soundsystem
20.06. - 22.06.2020
wurde abgesagt!
20.06. - 22.06.2019
mit: Ken Boothe, The Claredonians, Roy Ellis, The Hotknives, Jaya The Cat, Dr Rude with Los Placebos, Susan Cadogan, No Sports, Los Fastidios, Yellow Umbrella, Distemper, The Offenders, Babylove & The Van Dangos, The Movement, The Spymaker, Napoleon Solo, The Domingoes, Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation ...
21.06. - 23.06.2018
mit: Oxo86, Death Of Guitar Pop, Arthur and the Spooners, The Heptones, Mark Foggo, Bad Manners, Mad Caddies, Pleasure Trap, Keith & Tex, Buster Shuffle, The Hotknives, Intensified, The Phantoms, REggae Workers Of The World, The Prosecution, Rudeboy Soundsystem, Skaramanga, The Pressure Tenants ...
22.06. - 24.06.2017
mit: The Courettes, Jaya The Cat, Talco, The Hacklers, The Liptones, Cala Gora Barwinkow, Los Placebos, Joe Scholes, The Skatalites, Men Of North Country, The Busters, 8°6 Crew, Beat Bahnhof, Judge Dread Memorial, K-Mob, The Movement, Yellow Umbrella, The Upsessions, Die Tornados, The Selecter ...
24.06. - 25.06.2016
mit: Mr. Review​, The Melodians, The Inciters, Buster Shuffle, Oxo86, Big Banders, Bunga Bunga Club, Winston Francis, Jackie Mendez, Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation, Dr. Ring Ding, Dancing Me & the Ska Machine​, Gypsy Ska Orquesta, The Hotknives, Mark Foggo, Soul Radics, The Originators ...
26.06. - 27.06.2015
mit: No Sports, The Schogettes, Yellow Umbrella, Dennis Alcapone with Rude Rich & the High Notes, The Hacklers, Skaos, Dr. Ring Ding & the Bartenders, Coquetel Acapulco, Die Tornados, Wonderska, Crombie Bruisers, Bad Manners, Distemper, Jaya The Cat, Babylove & The Van Dangos ...
27.06. - 28.06.2014
mit: The Tennors, El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs, Bluekilla, Doreen Shaffer & The Rocksteady Royals, Buster Shuffle, Rude & The Lickshots, Hörinfakt, The Unlimiters, The Slackers, The Offenders, Distemper, The Hotknives, Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison, Big Mandrake, Boss Capone, The Busters, Spartan Allstars ...
21.06. - 22.06.2013
mit: Dutch Ska Express, The Granadians, Judge Dread Memorial, Rubén López & The Diatones, The Skatoons, The Autocratics, Skaos, Mark Foggo & The Hotknives, Skarface, The Mighty Fishers, The Talks, Berlin Boom Orchestra, Stranger & Patsy, Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza, The Steadytones, Winston Francis ...
22.06. - 23.06.2012
mit: Port Royal, Leo & The Line Up, The Offenders, King Hammond and the Saloon Soldiers, Roy Ellis & The Magic Touch, Mark Foggo, Babayaga, Jokerface, The Valkyrians, Oxo86, The Branlarians, TwoToneClub, Babylove and the Van Dangos, Mr. Review, Lee Perry with the Caroloregians, Buster Shuffle
24.06. - 25.06.2011
mit: Les Calcatoggios, Brother Honk & The Unkmanganis, Oxo86, Rude Rich & The High Notes, Blechreiz, Rico Rodriguez w. The Caroloregians, Rudeboy Soundsystem, Lick Quarters, Vespa, Yellow Cap, Skarface, Lord B & The Sensationals, Dallax, Red Soul Community, No Sports, The Hotknives ...
18.06. - 19.06.2010
mit: Norma Fraser, Dawn Penn, Doreen Shaffer, Mr. Review, Dave Barker, Mark Foggo, The Hotknives, The Offenders, The Upsessions, Die Tornados, Rantanplan, Riddim Sticks, Alaska feat. Dr. Woggle, No Life Lost, Beer Beer Orchestra, Hörinfarkt, Rudeboy Soundsystem
26.06. - 27.06.2009
mit: Pat Kelly, Pauline Black, Sondaschule, The Magic Touch, Blaster Master, Sin Sospechas, The Mooninvaders, Rudeboy Soundsystem, The Pioneers feat. Jackie Robinson & George Dekker, The Butlers, Intensified, Nu Sports, The One Droppers, The Spymaker, Oxo86, Bobby Pins & The Saloon Soldiers ...
27.06. - 28.06.2008
mit: Vibration Syndicate, Ken Guru & The Highjumpers, The Skatoons, Roy Ellis + Kalles Kaviar, The Hotknives, Rudeboy Soundsystem, Hörinfarkt, Los Carteros, Bibi Ribozo & The Banditos, Regulators, The Offenders, Skarface, Die Tornados, Derrick Morgan & Soulfood International, Blechreiz
22.06. - 23.06.2007
mit: Rude & Visser Aka Mr. Review, Kalles Kaviar, Nu Sports, Skatoons, Skaprifischer, Rudeboy Soundsystem, Sir Henry Morgan Soundsystem, Alton Ellis Feat. Soulfood International, The Liquids, Mark Foggo´s Skasters, Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra, Scrapy, Skalcoholics, Ska Trek
23.06. - 24.06.2006
mit: Bad Manners, The Upsessions, The Continentals, Die Tornados, Quicksteps, Rudeboy Soundsystem, Henry Morgan Soundsystem, K-Mob, Soulfood International Rock Steady Revue feat. Dr. Ring Ding, Nu Sports, The Pioneers, Two Tone Club, Vespa, Rudeboy Soundsystem & Henry Morgan Soundsystem