Tells Bells Festival - Das Archiv

14.08. - 15.08.2020
wurde abgesagt!
09.08. - 10.08.2019
mit: Born As Lions, La Armada, Raised Fist, Rogers, Satanic Surfers, Siberian Meat Grinder, Visions Only, Walls of Jericho, Fatzke, Get The Shot, Giver, Less Than Jake, Lionheart, Masked Intruder, Much The Same, Sick Of It All, 1000 Löwen unter Feinden, The Bennies, VMZT
10.08. - 11.08.2018
mit: Comeback Kid, H2O, Silverstein, Dog Eat Dog, The Menzingers, Evergreen Terrace, Wisdom in Chains, Adhesive, Counterparts, This Is A Standoff, P.O. Box, Get The Shot, All For Nothing, A Traitor Like Judas, Straightline, VMZT, Visions Only, Roadrage, Paramagnet, 4 Zimmer Küche Bad
11.08. - 12.08.2017
mit: Terror, No Fun at All, Good Riddance, Face to Face, First Blood, Death by Stereo, No Trigger, Sam Alone & The Gravediggers, Wolf Down, Rogers, Siberian Meat Grinder, Broken Teeth, NoOpinion, VMZT, Visions Only, The Tex Avery Syndrome, Stay Focused, Roadrage, Bouncing Bettys
12.08. - 13.08.2016
mit: Strung Out, Stick to Your Guns, Tim Vantol, The Flatliners, Rise of the Northstar, H2O, Idle Class, Visions Only, World Negation, A Traitor Like Judas, Smile and Burn, A Wilhelm Scream, Shattered Lions, Fatzke, Roadrage, VMZT, The Decline, GWLT, Authority Zero
07.08. - 08.08.2015
mit: Biohazard, Madball, Slapshot, All For Nothing, Atlas Losing Grip, The Menzingers, Death By Stereo, No Turning Back, Misconduct, Polar., Tausend Löwen unter Feinden, Crushing Caspars, The Prosecution, VMZT, Visions Only, Their Decay, RoadRage, Unsaid., Bronson A.D.
08.08. - 09.08.2014
mit: Raised Fist, Deez Nuts, Rykers, H2O, The Real McKenzies, A Wilhelm Scream, Authority Zero, Strife, Devil in Me, Brutality Will Prevail, Anchors & Hearts, VMZT, NH3 Ska/Core, Noopinion, Kopfhörer, Visions Only, RoadRage, Pushseven12, Escape my Farewell
09.08. - 10.08.2013
mit: Agnostic Front, Mad Caddies, Strung Out, Downset, Evergreen Terrace, Talco, Death Before Dishonor, Atlas Losing Grip, Templeton Pek, A Traitor Like Judas, The Haverbrook Disaster, VMZT, The Amsterdam Red-Light District, The Green River Burial, Visions Only, Sometimes Go, Whiteout Alley
10.08. - 11.08.2012
mit: Bloodspot, 4Tune Cookies, Awaiting Crunch, Sir Reg, Heideroosjes, H2O, Madball, Jim Tonic, Elektroboys, Dolf, Visions Only, VMZT, All For Nothing, P.O. Box, Devil In Me, Atlas Losing Grip, First Blood, Deez Nuts
12.08. - 13.08.2011
mit: The Grandtry, Sometimes Go, Conmoto, Visions Only, The Mahones, Street Dogs, Strike Anywhere, By the Sea, The Golden Ground Alliance, Cashless, 3 Tage Tape, As Mentioned Below, VMZT, Your Demise, Death Before Dishonor, Talco, A Wilhelm Scream, Ignite
13.08. - 14.08.2010
mit: 3 Tage Tape, Carry all, Visions Only, First Blood, Venerea, Smoke Blow, The Golden Ground Alliance, As Seconds Become Centuries, 2 Times Wasted, VMZT, The Reaction, Mr. Irish Bastard, This is a standoff, 7Seconds, Streetlight Manifesto, Raised Fist
14.08. - 15.08.2009
mit: Sick Of It All, Madball, Mad Caddies, The Real Mc Kenzies, Psychopunch, Tiny-Y-Son, Twisted Minds, Talco, Visions Only, Make The Day, VMZT, Bughole, Sometimes Go, M.A.M.A., Danaplan, Porncity Inc.
15.08. - 16.08.2008
mit: Know Your Foe, Visions Only, Frontkick, Talco, The Unseen, Agnostic Front, Sintrash, Isetta Drive, As Mentioned Below, Elfmorgen, VMZT, Bubonix, Backfire, Smoke Blow, Frau Doktor
17.08. - 18.08.2007
mit: Last Fire Burning, Visions Only, Gapline, The Creetins, Peter Pan Speedrock, Sondaschule, Porncity Inc., No Naked Lights, As mentioned below, Publex, VMZT, Pillow Fight Club, Mr. Irish Bastard, Tiny-Y-Son, Born From Pain, Skafield, DJ Mirco
18.08. - 19.08.2006
mit: Cocoon Slice, Know Your Foe, Comecloser, Colourful Grey, Days In Grief, Frau Doktor, Porncity Inc., No Naked Lights, As Mentioned Below, The Nowboys, The Bordells, Bubonix, Six Reasons To Kill, Heartbreak Engines, Waterdown, Dr. Woggle & The Radio, My-oh-my-club