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27.06. - 28.06.2014
mit: Nomadi, 60/70 Rock Band, Osogna Project, Pervangher Band, Tree Size, Raya, Quasarhead, Kiliradio, Eleonore Quartet, Pink Jelly Bean, SmileUp!, SuMisura, Mental Jokes, Alex Rémy
17.05. - 19.05.2012
mit: Satchology, Barbie Sailers, Mossow, Yabanci, TreeSize, Tipsy Road, Stepping Out, Denis Angelucci Band, SottoStrato, The Flag, The Faina, Fading Walls, Knives Out, Troglos, Piace, Shimes, Radio Rock Alive, Raya, Master Of Illusion, 01-00 Red House, The BeatFree, Earth Salvation ...