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13.05. - 16.05.2010
mit: Roy Ellis, Superpunk, The Pepper Pots, The Neanderthals, The Teenagers, The Peacocks, Dollsquad, The Montesas, The Fonxionaires, The Fourtune Tellers, Ella & The Roosters, Los! Tang Marvels, The Floorettes, Bobby Pins & The Saloon Soldiers, The Headless Horsemen, Thee Richmen, The King Kongs ...
05.09. - 06.09.2008
mit: The Bahareebas, Les Bof!, The Horns Of Babylon, Intensified, The Spectrals, The Magnificent Brotherhood, The Caroloregians, West Hell Five, Curlee Wurlee, The Buttshakers, Thursday’s Rhythm and Beatorganization, Smokin’ 44s, The Five Aces
01.09. - 03.09.2006
mit: Surfpatrouille, The Kitchenettes, Speedbuggy, Beatrevolver, The Skatalites, Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle, Upsessions, The Montesas, Sunny Domestosz, Achtung Spitfire Schnell Schnell, The Movements, Raik & The Chainballs, The Aggrolites, Soul Breakfast