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mit: Lion's Law, Risk It!, Lower Class Brats, The Chisel, Chubby And The Gang, Conservative Military Image, Violent Way, Thin Ice, Deathjocks, Slow Burn
mit: Loikaemie, The Casualties, No Turning Back, End It, The Young Ones, Dagger Threat, Stolen Mind, The Drowns, Cold Fury, NoFuture
mit: Agnostic Front, Desolated, Siberian Meat Grinder, Misconduct, Popperklopper, The Take, Guilt Trip, Coldside, The Detectors, Easy Money, Curselife, Thin Ice
mit: The Baboon Show, Born From Pain, Moscow Death Brigade, Risk It!, Empowerment, This Means War, Worst, Slope, Arrested Denial, Balance, Cock Riot
mit: Rykers, No Turning Back, Rasta Knast, Wisdom In Chains, The Movement, Knuckledust, Strength For A Reason, Skin Of Tears, Missstand, Bait, Stolen Mind