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20.06. - 23.06.2019
mit: Twink and the Lysergics, Hawklords, Oresund Space Collective, Silas Neptune, Quantum Fantay, Tir Na Nog, Dr Hasbeen, Capt Roswell & The Lost Alien Tribe, The Trance Dimensionals, Flutatious, Burnt Out Wreck, Sendelica, Captain Rizz, LegPuppy, Godsticks, Automotone, Voodoo Sioux, Guranfoe ...
14.06. - 17.06.2018
mit: Evil Blizzard, Senser, Astralasia, Here & Now, Lacertilia, Sonic Black Holes, Quantum Fantay, Pre-Med, Fierce And The Dead, Sister Sandwich, Capt Roswell & the Lost Alien Tribe, Sonic Gypsy, Deepshade, Orange Clocks, Captain Horizon, Babal, Dirty Flowers, Sloth Metropolis, Electric Octopus ...
16.06. - 18.06.2017
mit: Doctor & The Medics, Heavy Metal Kids, Underground Zero, Dr. Hasbeen, Electric Cake Salad, The Pink Diamond Revue, Ethan & The Reformation, Sister Sandwich, Tiny Rockets, Habu, Culture Dub Orchestra, Sloth Metropolis, Bb Blackdog, Litmus