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23.09. - 24.09.2016
mit: Crude SS, Malignant Tumour, Birdflesh, Meinhof, 2 Minuta Dreka, NoWhiteRag, Carnal Diafragma, M.A.C. Of Mad, Drunkards, Hobos, Overcharge
18.09. - 19.09.2015
mit: Mob 47, Dead, Boycot, Holocausto Canibal, Deathraid, Choked By Own Vomits, Kontatto, Sposa In Alto Mare, Deathrain, Death On​/​Off
19.09. - 20.09.2014
mit: Blood, Indigesti, Jig-Ai, Fleas & Lice, Nuclear Frost, Chain Reaction, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Cowntdown To Armagedoon, Buiten Gebruik, Archagathus, Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland, Six Brew Bantha, Jack, Prisoner 639, Haemophagus, Guinea Pig, Corporation Of Consumption ...