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mit: Annabelle, Area 56, Band 3, Crazy Paradise, The cuckoo, Dark Light, Exile On Mainstream, Government of sound, Kosima And The Blue Cable, SkiT, Steelhammer, Strawberry Hunters, The Hongs, the HypocritZ, Timeless, UpDate66
mit: Crazy Paradise, Cuckoo, Dickes Gebäude, Exile Of Mainstream, Ghost Signature, Interlude, Jack and the Rippers, L&M, Over Jump, Perfect Underground, Reactor III, Resist!, Sofia Li, Strawberry Hunters, T.Escalators, The Hypocritz, Timeless, Update66
mit: Arcanus Exitus, BrainleZ, Crazy Paradise, Dark Light, Freygeist, Hypocritz, The Jokers, Lilac Sun, Mind the Milk, No Past Tonight, On the Other Side, Over Jump!, Paradise Island, Phantomine, Resist!, Rock Bones, Six Feet Under The Stars, Strawberry Hunters, T.Escalators, Unleash your Rage ...
mit: Arcanus Exitus, Brainlez, Critical Youth, Forward to End, Monster Circus, Original Vintage, Rock Room, The Surey, T.Escalators, Unleash Your Rage, Backhanded Compliment, Cheesy Ham., Dark Light, The Jokers, No Past Tonight, Paradise Island, Strawberry Hunters, Szenario, Trizzer, uPdate66