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10.05. - 11.05.2013
mit: Primal Fear, Jaded Heart, MessengeR, Shakra, Voodoo Circle, Lonewolf, Sandstone, Palace, Mirrors of Oblivion, From Fall to Spring
18.05. - 19.05.2012
mit: Majesty, Torian, The Kryzees, Nion, Tricksters Day, Organic Waste, MessengeR, Dragonsfire, The Mystery, Alltheniko, Skanners, Db.Stroyer, Hellowed, Nemesis, Gravety
13.05. - 14.05.2011
mit: Blaze Bayley, Powerwolf, MessengeR, King Leoric, Gun Barrel, Mystery Blue, Taletellers, Bastard Nation, Mirrors of Oblivion, Hellowed, Wanderreigen, Ancient Gods, Heralder
21.05. - 22.05.2010
mit: Cold Rush, Dragonsfire, Edge of Thorns, Freedom Call, Hellowed, Ivory Night, Maloik, MessengeR, Odium, StormWarrior, The Mystery, Tricksters Day, Uriels-Wings
08.05. - 09.05.2009
mit: Den of Iniquity, Godslave, The Told, Nion, Palace, Sacred Steel, Hardlust, Split Second, Heavy and Loud, Infinight, MessengeR, Moretallica