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mit: Talco, The Busters, The Judge Dread Memorial, Masons Arms, Yellow Umbrella, Bad Nenndorf Boys, One Voice​
mit: Bad Manners, Judge Dread Memorial, Los Placebos, No Sports, Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation, ​The Hacklers
mit: Roy Ellis, The Ruts DC, The Valkyrians, Leo & The Lineup, Xiantoni Ari, Jackie Mendez
mit: The Frits, The Busters, Doreen Shaffer & The Rocksteady Royals, The Hotknives, The Braces, Masons Arms, The Hacklers, Wotka Trawolta
mit: Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison, El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs, Buster Shuffle, The Offenders, Babylove & The Van Dangos, Boss Capone, Los Placebos, Dutch Ska Express, The Nicks Feat. Joe Scholes, The Outer Space Association
mit: Bad Manners, Talco, Mr. Symarip, Judge Dread Memorial, Los Placebos, The Upsessions, The Nicks, The Easy Snappers