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mit: Crystal Lake, For the Fallen Dreams, Eyes Set To Kill, Loathe, InVisions, Breathe Atlantis, Captives, A Drop In The Ocean, Cimmerian, My Memoir, Manipulators
mit: Counterparts, Napoleon, Our Hollow Our Home, Desasterkids, The Pariah, Incomplete, NV
mit: Any Given Day, His Statue Falls, Burning Down Alaska, To The Rats And Wolves, Sleepers, Blunt, Never Back Down, Release Us, Erica Goes To America, I.W.S
mit: AYS, To the Rats and Wolves, Eye Sea I, Breakdowns At Tiffany's, The Bandgeek Mafia, Start A Revolution, A Drop In The Ocean, Until September, Under Direction, Strange Behaviour, Release Us
mit: War From A Harlots Mouth, Heart In Hand, His Statue Falls, Vitja, Koroded, A Drop In The Ocean, Unchained Breathing, Blunt, From Earth, Ash To Ember, All Hail The Fallen
mit: Stay Rising In Autumn, Devastor, Tornapart, Dead End, Bonanska, A Drop In The Ocean, Haribo Macht Kinder Froh, Killtribe, Disposed To Mirth, Awaken Demons, His Statue Falls
mit: His Statue Falls, Awaken Demons, Disposed To Mirth, Haribo Macht Kinder Froh, Killtribe, A Drop In The Ocean, Bonanska, Dead End, Devastor, Tornapart, Stay Rising In Autumn
mit: We Butter The Bread With Butter, His Statue Falls, Kapelle Petra, Longing For Tomorrow, A Drop In The Ocean, The Quest For Revenge, Busking For Change, Bekahoona, Crucible
mit: 4Backwoods, Longing For Tomorrow, The Black Sheep, HADG, His Statue Falls, The Coconut Butts, Black Thoughts Bleeding, SyntaXError, Ten Tons Of Glory, Helicon United, Torn 'n' Frayed
mit: D-Sailors, 4Backwoods, Distance In Embrace, Longing For Tomorrow, Emma6, Hadg, Kaiserkind, Inari, Wechselstrom, Pikhouse, Infusion
mit: Peilomat, Eyesight, A Certain Sacrifice, Emma6, Longing For Tomorrow, Development Disorder, Susp.act, Hadg, Kings Of The Day, Age Are, Flaming Moustaches