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17.01. - 18.01.2020
mit: Paranoiac, Symbrid, Uncover, No Rest For The Jaded, Sonicskies, Ian Tray, Burning Lizzard, Moe & Band, Weasel, Ottolien
11.01. - 12.01.2019
mit: Wilt, Soulgate, Uncover, The Entire Past, Harpyie, How Sad A Fate, Not like Jeff, Das Gesetz, No Chairs, Burning Pickups
12.01. - 13.01.2018
mit: No Rest for the Jaded, Stevie to the Noise, Uncover, As we Arise, Mond, Alex Amsterdam, Ian Tray, Felix Muster
13.01. - 14.01.2017
Keine Bands angegeben
15.01. - 16.01.2016
mit: Tomb of Giants, Dust II Dust, Uncover, Spellbreaker, Soulgate, Vestige, 4Knox, Fall Out, Fratelli Vaienti, Backyard Ramblers
16.01. - 17.01.2015
mit: EÔs, Invader, Soulgate, Souls for Sale, Bloodvale, Summery Mind, Burning Pickups, VÍstige, Egosplit, My Striking Memories, Kammersound
10.01. - 11.01.2014
mit: Summery Mind, Pankration, Bloodvale, A Plumbers Nightmare, Invader, Nothing Tightless, Sofia Stark, Ben Schubert, Oceanview, Sueno, Mauerkind