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mit: Spoken, Sacrety, warumLila, Staryend, L!chtfabrik, Burning Nations
mit: Jeremy Camp, The Letter Black, Nine Lashes, Manafest, Transform Djs, Sacrety, Good Weather Forecast, Staryend, Piece Of Heaven, The Ongoing Concept, Today Forever, My Endless Wishes, Emily Still Reminds, Theocracy, Aliens Ate My Setlist, Kingsdown, Adam Cappa, My Glorious, St.Zion, Maskil ...
26.10. - 27.10.2012
mit: The Almost, Spoken, The Letter Black, Oh Sleeper, Inhaleexhale, Eleventyseven, Nine Lashes, Righteous Vendetta, Cathy Burton, Good Weather Forecast, Sacety, Matt Baird, Claas P. Jambor, My Glorious, Aliens ate my setlist, My little rockstar dream, Ceil, Warumlila, Brian Doerksen, Gracetown ...
28.10. - 29.10.2011
mit: 12 Stones, Becoming the Archetype, Blindside, Claas P. Jambor, Cory Lamb, D:projekt, Daniel Benjamin, Emanuel Reiter, Everyday Sunday, Florian Ostertag, Glückskeksautor, Golden Resurrection, Good Weather Forecast, Holding Onto Hope, Immortal Souls, In The Midst Of Lions, Jessa Anderson ...
29.10. - 30.10.2010
mit: Disciple, Demon Hunter, Everyday Sunday, Claas P. Jambor, Sacrety, Wake Up, Spoken, the Insyderz, Intohimo, The Letter Black, Good Weather Forecast, Ceil, About An Author, Daniel Benjamin, Tobias Hundt, Stubi Live Band, Lilly Among Thorns, H.O.P.E., Lifetape
mit: Kutless, Pillar, Paul Colman, Mojo, October Light, Freequency, Under Control, Becoming the Archetype, Theocracy, HB, D:Projekt, Good weather forecast, Sacrety, Steve Savage, Claas P. Jambor, Ceil, Sprinx, Lilly Among Thorns, A Roses Diary
mit: Good Weather Forecast, John Reuben, Spoken, Falling Up, The O.C. Supertones, Sonicflood, Sacrety, Antz of Glory, October Light, Arson, Mammuth, The Spirit that Guides Us, Ceil, Sarah Brendel, Claas P. Jambor, Line of Vision, Freequency
mit: Mortification, Crushead, The Spirit that guides us, October Light, D:Projekt, Line of Vision, Antz of Glory
mit: Issue, Arson, Wonderland, Remission, Make up your Mind, Crushead