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26.07. - 27.07.2019
mit: Danko Jones, Elephant Tree, The Picturebooks, Black Mirrors, ASG, Swedish Death Candy, The Sonic Beat Explosion, Malm, Zeal & Ardor, Naxatras, Lowrider, Mammoth Mammoth, Greenleaf, Samavayo, Dune Pilot, Mother's Cake
27.07. - 28.07.2018
mit: Orange Goblin, Mustasch, Spidergawd, Stoned Jesus, The Go Faster Nuns, Erik Cohen, The Vintage Caravan, 1000Mods, Church Of The Cosmic Skull, Thundermother, Spiders, Troubled Horse, Willow Child, Beehoover, Blacksmoker, Midnight Steamer, Folk's Worst Nightmare
28.07. - 29.07.2017
mit: Kadavar, Zeal & Ardor, 1000mods, Dool, DeWolff, Deadheads, Scumbag Millionaire, Deviltrain, Solstafir, Truckfighters, Horisont, Bloodlights, Death Alley, Skraeckoedlan, Brutus, Captain Duff
29.07. - 30.07.2016
mit: Graveyard, Imperial State Electric, Bombus, Year Of The Goat, Dead Lord, Honeymoon Disease, Cannahann, Mantar, Kvelertak, Uncle Acid and the deadbeats, Spidergawd, Planet of Zeus, White Miles, Mother Engine, Dead and Stoned
24.07. - 25.07.2015
mit: Kadavar, Bullet, Greenleaf, The Vintage Caravan, Bitch Queens, Cojones, The Rambles, Blues Pills, Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band, Motorjesus, John Coffey, The Picturebooks, XII Boar, Insanity Alert, Pilgrimage
25.07. - 26.07.2014
mit: Graveyard, Red Fang, Black Spiders, Bombus, Truckfighters, Supercharger, Useless ID, Atlas Losing Grip, The Gogets, December Peals, Cowboys & Aliens, Powder for Pigeons, Wulfpack, Sumoslut, Vidunder
mit: Vista Chino, Orange Goblin, Valient Thorr, The Treatment, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, The Dazed, Drown In Grace, Bensin Peniz
mit: The Bones, Mustasch, Supercharger, The Quill, Bettie Ford, Trecker, Double You See, P!stol:Nose:Puma
mit: Redundant, Captain Duff, Sunburn, The Black Sheep, The New Black, Eat The Gun, Orange Goblin, Backyard Babies
mit: The Go Faster Nuns, Blackmail, Brain Police, Motorjesus, The Marples, Human Hamster Hybrids, Fastbeat Superchargers
08.06. - 09.06.2007
mit: Volbeat, Skew Siskin, Boozed, Lord Bishop, Beef Barons, Bloodlights, El Caco, One Fine Day, Genepool, Jetset Radio, Desert Sun, Alien 101
16.06. - 17.06.2006
mit: The Bones, Smoke Blow, Gods Of Blitz, Scallwages, Heartbreak Engines, Mother Misery, Vic Du Montes, Sunburn, The Marples, Duster 69, Eat The Gun