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05.07. - 07.07.2018
mit: Kreator, Betraying The Martyrs, Money Boy, Crazy Town, Hed Pe, Silent Screams, Napoleon, Crystal Lake, Shields, Marrok, Elyne, A Serenade To Kill, Kompass Nord, Pain Is, Dreaded Downfall, Awake The Dreamer, We Blame The Empire
13.07. - 16.07.2017
mit: Vanilla Sky, Normandie, Nasty, Here Comes The Kraken, Marcus Smaller, All Faces Down, We Blame The Empire, Crossing Edge, Leons Massacre, Pain Is, Kill Robot Kill, Alice D., Parazit
15.07. - 16.07.2016
mit: Silverstein, Callejon, The Sorrow, Matakustix, Turbobier, Any Given Day, Normandie, All Faces Down, To The Rats And Wolves, Kompass Nord, Imminence, Desasterkids, Elyne, Give Em Blood, Dreaded Downfall, Buried Artifacts, Castiel
mit: Eskimo Callboy, Dame, Breakdown Of Sanity, Kontrust, Tagtraeumer, Matakustix, Annisokay, All Faces Down, Gnackwatschn, Taped, Normandie, Scream Your Name, Leons Massacre, Kill Robot Kill, Horizon Of The Statue
28.06. - 29.06.2013
mit: Bouncing Souls, Surfaholics, Marrok, All Faces Down, Jack Disconnect, J.B.O., Kontrust, Gnackwatschn, Rune, Vanitys Fair, Kung fu Kitty, NuSyndicate, Burnout Grannys, Berry Bit Fly
29.06. - 30.06.2012
mit: Emil Bulls, Alkbottle, From Dawn to Fall, Days in Paradise, Big and Loaded, Vanitys fair, First Class College, .sPout., Thirteen Days, All faces down, Pail Sinner, Drive in Paradise
01.07. - 03.07.2011
mit: 3feet Smaller, Guadalajara, No More Encore, .sPout., Big and Loaded, Gnackwatschn, Pail Sinner, Pentajam, Red X, Sound Dealer, The Gandhi Movement