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20.04. - 21.04.2018
mit: Boiz Bänd, Run, Cat down the river, KGB, Undertow, Stepfather Fred, High Tide, Venera, Deface
28.04. - 29.04.2017
mit: Yakuzi, Walter Subject, The Danger Dudes, Naked Hazelbeard, Kellerhelden, Kissin' Dynamite, May The Silence Fail, Break Down A Venue, Disfire
15.04. - 16.04.2016
mit: Deface, Juniique, Die Grüne Welle, Nitrogods, Stagediving Elephants, Fatality, Never Ending Story, City Kids feel the Beat, We are Legend, Motorjesus
24.04. - 25.04.2015
mit: Kellerhelden, Parkhaus, Antiheld, RasgaRasga, Hot Chick Banged, Naked Hazelbeard, Circus of Fools, Stahlmagen, We are Legend, End Of Green
11.04. - 12.04.2014
mit: Willkuer, Tune Circus, Bad Liver, Fetzer and the Turbochargers, Deface, Corexit, Vanish, Kissin' Dynamite, Drowned by Darkness, Kellerhelden
26.04. - 27.04.2013
mit: Breschdleng, Benzin, Heisskalt, Fetzer and the Turbochargers, Dead By Sushi, Underpaid, Bambus Orion, May The Silence Fail, The Mancoons, Deface, Ex wife's Skull, Fatality, Conspiracy, Da Pozz y los Tobaccos
20.01. - 21.01.2012
mit: The Truth About Schmidt, Walter Subject, Dein Ex, Dead By Sushi, ABI Band GEG, Bad Liver, Klangwut, Electric Love, Shove It, Ihresgleichen, Stepfather Fred, Roses for someone, Frantic, Infinite Faith
08.04. - 09.04.2011
mit: Stinky Pete & the rabid babies, Tram, Walter Subject, Alcohsonic, Willkuer, Shadow Zone, Sündflut, The Boneretors, Stepfather Fred, Wiaschdd, Sacred Fear, Skipjacks, Uschis Haarmoden, BTV
23.04. - 24.04.2010
mit: Happy Villain, Repulse, Leerlauf, Tram, TOS, Gar Nicht Mal So Gut, Sold, Die Away, Hatstik, Cadaveres, Fetzer and the Turbochargers, Uschis Haarmoden
24.04. - 25.04.2009
mit: Herr Stilz seine Freunde, Tune Circus, Nulltarif, Tripple Espresso, Hatstick, Solle Vöhne, Bullig, Yakuzi, Undertow
11.04. - 12.04.2008
mit: The Vankers, Roses for Someone, Tune Circus, Loonatikk, Goat?, Muddy Banks, Soulsick, Breschdleng, Cadaveres, Wrong Bedding
20.04. - 21.04.2007
mit: Shadow Zone, Nulltarif, Hävy Roxx, Benzin, Mader, Roses for Someone, Busta Hoota, Karma Connect, Yakuzi, War in your head
07.04. - 08.04.2006
mit: Nulltarif, Busta Hoota, basement 6, Triple Espresso, Haddrig, Painless Agony, Karma.Connect, Underpaid, Solle Vöhne, Blackpuzzle