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05.08. - 06.08.2016
mit: Russkaja, Monsters Of The Ordinary, Rudl, The Incredible Fake, Craving For Clarity
mit: Die Toten Ärzte, Rock 4 You, Yellowframe
01.08. - 02.08.2014
mit: Harris & Ford feat. Lisah, Maralila, AC/DC Revival Band, Monsters Of The Ordinary, Demian, Roadside Hawk
mit: Killerpilze, Famp, Faltenrock, Scarlet Creek
03.08. - 04.08.2012
mit: Schmiedeeisen, Oh I Taste The Queen, Earased, Volkxmusic, H07, Centao, Stahlzeit, Füel, Ribisls, Freytag, Faltenrock, Bullslide, Crossroads, Muppet Suicide
05.08. - 06.08.2011
mit: Big and Loaded, HO7, Mind Expanded, From Dawn to Fall, Krautschädl, Boon, 3te Tür links, Bankrupt, Stillborn, Greedy Bastards, Kiss Forever Band