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mit: Norma Fraser, Dawn Penn, Doreen Shaffer, Soulfood International, Dr. Ring-Ding, Maroon Town, The Magnetics, 8°6 Crew
mit: Carlton and The Shoes, Monty Neysmith, The Magic Touch, Arthur Kay & The Clerks, Tommy Tornado, Dakka Skanks, The Clerks, Masons Arms, Little*Boy*Blue
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mit: The Cables, Roy Ellis, The Magic Touch, Buster Shuffle, The Valkyrians, Smooth Beans, Rafiki, Little*Boy*Blue
mit: The Tennors, Intensified, The Inciters, 8 6 Crew, The Magic Touch, T-Killas, Little*Boy*Blue, Rick Kendrick, Harry Intensified
mit: Hopeton Lewis, Two Tone Club, The Top Cats, The Pressure Tenants, Void Union feat. Jr Thomas, Bottle Of Moonshine, Little*Boy*Blue, Natty Bo, Stanley Samuel
mit: Yellow Cap, Keyser Soze, Skatrek, Leo And The Lineup, Moon Invaders, Derrick Harriott, The Rough Kutz
mit: Bobby Sixkiller, Prince Perry, The One Droppers, 8 6 Crew, Rude Rich & The Highnotes, Winston Reedy, Dennis Alcapone, Dukes Of Skazzard, Commander K, Peanut Vendor
mit: The Pioneers, Susan Cadogan, The Moon Invaders, The Magic Touch, The Upsessions, 65 Mines Street, The Schogettes, The Reggae Twins, Peanut Vendor, Dr. MarkusDJ Duke J
mit: Derrick Morgan, Winston „Mr. Fix-It“ Francis, Mr. Review, Skankin´Night, Ken Guru & The Highjumpers, The Roaring Twenties, DJ Peanut Vendor, DJ Commander K, The Reggae Twins
mit: Ken Boothe, Owen Gray, The Caroioregians, The Duaiers, The One-Droppers, Magic Lord & Mighty Drakkars, Kescher