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wurde abgesagt!
mit: Karibik Tropical, Son Compadre, Rob'n'Rol, The Rockin' Fifties, Duo Chabeso, Kojak, The Rock, Haubentaucher, Rock Steady Blues Band, The Troubleshooters, Overdrive, 7 More Days, The Catburys, Roots IQ, AndiDred, Ballroom Busters, Paddy Whack, Mørt, Free Electric Band, Liquid Voltage, Threesome ...
mit: Chico Diaz Orquesta Salsaborrr, Mr. Hill, Crosspop, Wolfgang Baumann Berg & Ton, Lo-Fi Brothers, Beat Brothers, AM-PM, Fire And Steel, Recovered, The Mannish Boys, Strodtbeck, Soul-Community, GreenLightBugs, Mission Rock'n'Roll, The Jumpin' Rockets, Ras DashaN, Hatliner, Folk Abroad, Jam as United ...