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01.06. - 02.06.2012
mit: Old Brown Shoes, The Relevators, Jonah Matranga, The Overalls, A.G. Trio, The Desert Boats, Rokkitähti, Million of Dreads, The Callahan, Fiago
03.06. - 04.06.2011
mit: This Hollow Shell, Nitro State, Ease of Ignition, Siege of Cirrha, Psycho Killers, Lost Losers, H07, Gravitation, Texta
04.06. - 05.06.2010
mit: Grace, Flying Moons, Feels Like Falling, The Callahan, Kafkas, Bankrupt, Fancy Mail, The Overalls, Black Lodge, Ramazuri, H.s.c., Petsch Moser, Fiago, Skylamp, The Gunners, Just For Now, The Revelators, The Howling Hounds
12.06. - 13.06.2009
mit: Evil Empire, Make an Effort, Siege of Cirrha, Irreal, Rentokill, Biowaste, Captain Coward, Lost Losers, Gravitation, Psycho Killers, Iris, Bilderbuch, Iriepathie, Fiago
06.06. - 07.06.2008
mit: Synthesis, Come to Pay, From My Chest, Killed By 9 Volt Batteries, Red Lights Flash, Gravitation, Into The Bandbox, Nonstop Robot, Iris, Null.Acht.15, Deckchair Orange, B Seiten Sound, Beautiful Kantine Band, Olestra
08.06. - 09.06.2007
mit: Jonas Goldbaum, JennyJazz, Killing Manjaro, Russkaja, Kpunkt, No Head On My Shoulders, The Lennykate, Die Polizeibullen, A Seven Inch Alibi, Flying Moons, Carnation
02.06. - 03.06.2006
mit: Jaya The Cat, Spitting Off Tall Buildings, Velojet, Beautiful Kantine Band, The Gala Corporation, Fortuna Favourites, Rokkitähti, No More Encore, Wasting Time, Ramazuri, Redemtion in Pain, Age Of Bloom