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mit: Le Fly, Lostboi Lino, Floss, Leonora, Lil Souljah, Lyne, Lifespark
mit: Le Fly, Antiheld, Betrayers Of Babylon, Leonora, Matter Of Time, Le Mietz, Strahlemann
29.06. - 29.07.2019
mit: Rogers, Tiavo, Friday And The Fool, Binyo, Stereogold, Lyschko, Leonora, Vintage Neon, Matter Of Time, Miri & Dom
mit: Le Fly, Antiheld, Mondo Mashup Soundsystem, Leonora, Lifters, Matter Of Time, Raging Owl, Zeitgeist
mit: Weekend, Schlaraffenlandung, Kochkraft Durch KMA, Matter Of Time, Big Up Tunes, Daily Way To Paradise, Red42, Anorak, Faith Of Marie
mit: Konvoy, I Am Jerry, Memoria Sound, Don Raggamore, Raging Owl, The Cuckoo, Antiheld, Drawing Circles, Daily Way To Paradise, Emma's Dream, The Friggz, Lifters