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mit: Perkele, Bonecrusher, Alternate Action, Crim, The Prowlers, Subway Thugs, Arch Rivals, Strongbow, Church of Confidence, The Gundown, Omixlh, Aggressive, Sniper 66, The Young Ones, Brutal Bravo
12.10. - 14.10.2017
mit: The Adicts, Bad Co. Project, Thunder and Glory, Shandy, Bromure, Crim, Dirt Box Disco, Abrasive Wheels, La Inquisición, Roadside Bombs, R.A.S., The Upset, Legion 76, Ghostbastardz, The Emperor, Aggressive, Stanley, Grade 2, Stomper 98
07.10. - 08.10.2016
mit: Bovver 96, Sniper 66, Hat Trickers, Lion's Law, Sir Psyko and his Monsters, Bonecrusher, Oldfashioned Ideas, Eastside Boys, Rude Pride, Legion 76, Dirt Box Disco, Booze & Glory, Perkele, The Baboon Show
09.10. - 11.10.2015
mit: Booze & Glory, Gumbles, Harrington Saints, The Upset, The Templars, 45 Adapters, Komintern Sect, The Restarts, Gundog, The Filaments, Strongbow, High Society, Rixe, Arthur & the Spooners, Secret Army, 1329, DJ Ursa Major, The Emperor, DJ Luke Dambuster
14.03. - 15.03.2014
mit: Lazy Bastards, Hateful, Punkroiber, Hounds and Harlots, Argy Bargy, Berliner Weisse, DJ O Love Sorrow, Bouncin B.C., Grumpy Old Men, Last Seen Laughing, Bishops Green, Evil Conduct, Perkele, Giuda
15.03. - 16.03.2013
mit: Recurrent Pain, Crosshill Rebels, Giuda, Booze & Glory, Bad Co. Project, Ski's Country Trash, The Emperor, Lazy Bastards, The Zero Point, Johnny Wolga, Mass Murderers, 2nd District, 4 Promille, Stomper 98, Oxo86
30.03. - 31.03.2012
mit: Exploited, Dritte Wahl, Mad Sin, Disturbance, Sir Psyko & his Monsters, Adams Apple, The Suburbs, PennyCocks, On the Job, The Emperor, ftm, 1328, Last Seen Laughing, Control, Perkele
14.01. - 15.01.2011
mit: Straightline, Ghostbastardz, Secret Army, Antidote, Klasse Kriminale, Bad Co. Project, Zusamm-Rottung, Mad Sin, Rudy Riot, Saschlappen, Droogiez, Starts, Crushing Caspars, Towerblocks, On the Job, Volxsturm, Die Lokalmatadore, Gumbles
15.01. - 16.01.2010
mit: Step by Step, SSkaliert, The Ruckers, Hateful, Bad Co. Project, The Casualties, Disturbance, 1328, Growing Movement, The Crimson Ghosts, Towerblocks, Evil Conduct, Perkele, The Mighty Ski King 494