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23.08. - 24.08.2019
mit: Days And Decades, Charly M, Outtake, His Name Is Sandusky, The Edge Of Reason, Lonley Spring, Take Off Your Shirt, Guns N' Destruction, Black Purple, Kiss Forever Band, Mysterica
17.08. - 18.08.2018
mit: Nux Vomica, Unstrained, Smoking Rule, Mean Machine, Crowded Exit, Band 2.0, Unique Experience, Gimme a Bullet, Mad Sabbath, Droke
18.08. - 19.08.2017
mit: Marc Dorendorf plays Hendrix, Guns 'n' Destruction, Sub Zero, SkipJack, Sex a la Bamba, Glitterfist, Senft'l & de Mittelscharf'n, Band 2.0
19.08. - 20.08.2016
mit: Impala Ray, Gringo Bavaria, Marc Dorendorf goes Floyd, Kentucky schreit, Rushmoon, Droke, Outtake, Charly-M, Miss Vulva
21.08. - 22.08.2015
mit: Icarus Dawn, Senft'l & de Mittelscharf'n, Unstrained, Hellabama Honky Tonks, Band 2.0, Outtake, Miss Vulva, Crowded Exit
22.08. - 23.08.2014
mit: Band 2.0, Dumpweed, Nux Vomica, Junk DNA, Rises, Outtake, Simeon Soul Charger, Miss Vulva
23.08. - 24.08.2013
mit: Like or Dislike, Crowded Exit, Fusebox, The Bourbon Brothers, Warning, Miss Vulva, Jarhead, Outtake, Band 2.0, Hellabama Honky Tonks, Redrooster, Stetebass
mit: Null8Sprachrohr, Nightrain, Hellabama Honky Tonks, Steve O. and the Shaky Bones, Luna Bratapfel und die Raben, Miss Vulva, Link