NOAF - Neuborn Open Air Festival - Das Archiv

27.08. - 28.08.2021
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28.08. - 29.08.2020
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23.08. - 24.08.2019
mit: Hatebreed, Amorphis, Tankard, Bury Tomorrow, Benediction, Jinjer, 1000mods, Skull Fist, Enforcer, Dagoba, Motorowl, Asomvel, The Feelgood McLouds, Godslave, Shambala
24.08. - 25.08.2018
mit: Sick of it all, Samael, Kadavar, Orden Ogan, Devildriver, The Black Dahlia Murder, Audrey Horn, Deserted Fear, Warbringer, Counterparts, Metal Inquisitor, Street Dogs, P.O. Box, Denyal, All its grace
25.08. - 26.08.2017
mit: Paradise Lost, Soilwork, Ignite, Solstafir, Igel vs. Shark, Dust Bolt, Nasty, Bullet, Crowbar, I'll be damned, Horisont, Broken Teeth, Havok, Animal Bizarre
26.08. - 27.08.2016
mit: Arch Enemy, Dirkschneider, Soulfly, Agnostic Front, Brainstorm, The Vintage Caravan, Betraying The Martyrs, Vektor, Mantar, Shoot the Girl first, Gingerpig, Iron Bastards, Visdom, Stonefall
28.08. - 29.08.2015
mit: Napalm Death, Candlemass, Primal Fear, Threshold, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Ektomorf, Zodiac, Seventy Seven, Majesty, Accužer, To The Rats And Wolves, Hamferd, Au▀holtz, Rogue Result
29.08. - 30.08.2014
mit: Doro, Biohazard, Triptykon, Mustasch, Bury Tomorrow, More Than A Thousand, Onslaught, Iron Savior, Zodiac, Evergreen Terrace, Nitrogods, Stepfather Fred, One Last Legacy, Light To The Blind
23.08. - 24.08.2013
mit: Moonspell, Dark Tranquillity, Tankard, Crucified Barbara, Ahab, Eskimo Callboy, Alpha Tiger, Texas In July, Izegrim, Sinbreed, Stonehead, Templeton Pek, Slamdown, Uncle Herb
24.08. - 25.08.2012
mit: Caliban, Destruction, Crematory, Terror, Stereo Dynamite, Deadlock, Vanden Plas, Evile, Vicious Rumors, Relicseed, Spacemen Ate My Grandma, The Sunpilots, Engel, Forsaken, Mystic Prophecy, Path Of Golconda
26.08. - 27.08.2011
mit: Lord Bishop Rocks, The Bulletmonks, Burden, Deadlock, Ross the Boss, Grand Magus, Grave Digger, Burden of Grief, Refiran, Kamikaze Kings, Motorjesus, Psychopunch, Suicidal Angels, Emil Bulls, Neaera, Sodom, Torture Squad
27.08. - 28.08.2010
mit: Common Braxas, Hello Bomb, Hackneyed, Powerwolf, Hatesphere, Tiamat, Battle against the Empire, Gun Barrel, Day Out, Motorjesus, Kissin' Dynamite, The Sorrow, Count Raven, Kreator, Silent Decay, Awake the Mutes
21.08. - 22.08.2009
mit: Disbelief, Emil Bulls, End Of Green, Pro Pain, The Changeling, Ear-Shot
29.08. - 30.08.2008
mit: Rage, Dew Scented, Physical Graffiti, Lay Down Rotten, Civilization One, Viron
17.08. - 18.08.2007
mit: Spilled Milk, Q-Mark, Stay Where The Pepper Grows, Sabotage, Dust N' Bones, The Guys From Liverpool, Ear O tation, The Bordells, Blood Sugas Sex Magic, Eddie's Revenge, Battle Against The Empire