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mit: Mo-Torres, Motrip, Dire Strats, Penetration Derby, BenjRose, Marc de D'or, Hillbilly Deluxe, Frame the Moon, Just Cash, Daniel Ingendorn, Jecko Mio, Angela Lentzen, Saitenwind, TheRockClassix, DJ Jeffem, Youth Authorities
mit: Christina Stürmer, Coby Grant, Still Collins, José Reyes & Este Mundo, Mo-Torres, Memoria, Nutrix, The Travelers, The Drummerholic's, Saitenwind, Top Spin, My Huckleberry Friend, Aber, We Scrape The Sky, Luke Mays Band, Penetration Derby, Markus Steinacker, Patrick Blauer, Drumjay
mit: Max Mutzke & MonoPunk, Whiteshake, Lagerfeuer Trio, Raphael Loopro, Lendgold
mit: Frida Gold, Stanfour, Pohlmann, We Scrape The Sky, Nutrix, Lagerfeuer Trio, Danny Prill, Thin Crow
mit: Electric Light Orchestra, Apollo 3, Ralph Hartmann, Knutschfleck, Invisible Touch, The Police now!, Groovytube, Danny Prill
mit: The Bay City Rollers, Sydney Youngblood, Apollo 3, Tony Sheridan, Sahne Mixx, Dire Strats, Quo, Jolina Carl, Agnetha's Affair, Mad Zeppelin, AC / BC, Groovytube, Interface, Hard Day's Night, Danny Prill, New Age
mit: Hubert Kah, Made In Bergheim, The Police - Now!
mit: Bapunzo, Heinz-Peters, Hard Day's Nifght, Mad Mix, Unchained Hearts