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mit: After All, Dark Crusade, Dead Eyes Memorial, Divine Zero, Hatred, Legacy Of Vydar, Neon Grave, Paniczone, The Outside, Torment Of Souls
mit: CrossHead, Evil Hedgehog, Face Down Hero, Killtribe, Motorjesus, Nailed to Obscurity, Redrum Inc., Retribution, Saiph, Thrashtanica
mit: Accužer, After All, Devine Zero, State Chaos, Warfield Within, Mortal Form, Cause Of Confunsion, Blood Moon Under, Fuel To Fire, Visnu
mit: Sinister, Scornage, Furnaze, Kindom of Salvation, Witchtower, Under the Plegde of Secrecy, Torment of Souls, Agoraphobia, Beliar, Evil Hedgehog
mit: Agamendon, Arkngthand, Battlesword, Blind Sight, Cripper, Face down hero, Orden Ogan, The Claymore, Witchtower
mit: Blood Red Angel, Darvin, Davidian, Insane, Kadavrik, Motorjesus, Outburst, Redrum Inc., Saiph, Scornage, Sein.
mit: Abrogation, Contradiction, Decay Of Days, Midwinter, Orden Ogan, Retribution, Supersoma, Under The Pledge Of Secrecy, Warfield Within, Wretched
mit: Metraya, Divine Zero, Stoned Demons, Hatred, Scarred, Inruinen, Power, Shitheadz, Solicitude, Soul Demise