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07.07. - 08.07.2017
mit: Escandalos, Miss Rabbit, Two Tone Sunburst, Linksabbiega, Casino Blackout
01.07. - 02.07.2016
mit: Delilahs, Reverend Backflash, The Omission, From Scratch, Funkstreife 6, 21 Stories, Montague
03.07. - 04.07.2015
mit: Beard Punch, Emma's Daydream, Discopowerboxxx, Eyes Seem Shut, Wolfsrudel, Pepe The Goose, Rae, Mad But True
mit: Crashing Birds, Diamond Dog, Anchor Lights, The Weight, The Yellow Riffs, Sortout, From Scratch, Miss Rabbit
mit: Mädchencafé Band, The Bänker, Trust in Zombies, Ely.dee, Point Blank, The Naughty Daughters, Discopowerboxxx, Klaus Bachmayer, Mind's garden, Ossi & the sexual chocolates
08.06. - 10.06.2012
mit: Funkstreife 6, KIN, The Collectables, Jonny Roger Lemon Crew, Time for Vacation, Zip the Hoody, Style of Music, The H, Dutchman's Trousers
24.06. - 25.06.2011
mit: The Spouts, Malema, F.U.B.A.R., The Weber, Tommy Gun, The Hardcore Jollies, Crackpot Kings & The Monkeys, 5 Elements
04.06. - 05.06.2010
mit: Point Blank, Sax And Crime, Ohne Filter, Roots Radicals, Ski-Schuh-Tennis Orchestra, Feuershow By Ketheno Tribe, Funkstreife 6, Atlas, Chia, Constant Nation
12.06. - 13.06.2009
mit: Shizoey, Stator, TheNaughtyDaughters, Golden Reef, Kethno Tribe, Spree, Harris Haare, Ski-Schuh-Tennis Orchestra, Blite Heavell