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24.01. - 25.01.2014
mit: Hollow By The Mill, Obscure, Spawn Of Disgust, The Calamity, Escape The System, Disfigure The Pious, Falling Back Down, Svarta Faran, Area 420
23.11. - 24.11.2012
mit: Uncut, Störfaktor, Phantom's, Hollow By The Mill, Postcard, Mächtiges Ulumulu, Asterial, Spawn Of Disgust, Karmon, Scars Of A Lifetime
25.11. - 26.11.2011
mit: Mickey Phantom, Störfaktor, Igualdad, President Ernie, Hyrax, Asterial, Cold End, Meloco, Spawn of Disgust