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17.05. - 19.05.2024
mit: x², Hans Crvst, The Wasn't Me's, Solle Vöhne, Lacrimas Profundere, The Worm Reducer, Empathieproblem, No-Brainer, Samarah, Jack Pott, The Other, GCU, Roadstring Army, Call Me Brutus, Shoreline, Dr. Aleks & the Fuckers
26.05. - 28.05.2023
mit: x², Kalapi, Go Go Gazelle, The Journey Back, Bonsai Kitten, Grandma's Bedroom Experience, Bury The Liar, The Danger Dudes, Debauchery, Sokæ
03.06. - 05.06.2022
mit: Mr. Irish Bastard, Le Fly, Grizzly, Casino Blackout, Grup Huub, x², Paraphrase, The Plastic Smile, Solle Vöhne, Double U D40, Gaffa, Mission in Black, Dezemberkind, Kulturanka, Krankheim, My Daily Crisis, Our Hollowed Dreams, The Last Bash
07.06. - 09.06.2019
mit: Psychopunch, Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, Django S., Van Holzen, City Kids Feel The Beat, Stinky Pete & The Rabid Babies, Solle Vöhne, Hafensabine, Problem System, Stagediving Elephants, Bouncing Betty, Electric Love, Sorry For Escalating, Vier Typen, The Snouts, Think Twice ...
18.05. - 20.05.2018
mit: Rogers, SuperCharger, Grizzly, Grup Huub, Go Go Gazelle, Offbeatfront, Motor City Mayhem, The Vincent Raven Band, Long Way Home, Flowers In Syrup, Dominik Tahedl, Parole Paula, 1st Class, X², Srebrne Ruže, Jona Frakes, Mountain Throne, Crowd Of Exempt, Felix Bayer
02.06. - 04.06.2017
mit: x², Kitty In A Casket, Deface, Double Crush Syndrome, Rebellious Spirit, Kalapi, Halifirien, Mofakette, Electric Love, Solle Vöhne, Devil's Degression, The Savants
13.05. - 15.05.2016
mit: X2, Walter Under The Bridge, Stahlmagen, Solle Vöhne, Problem System, The Danger Dudes, Die Siffer, Flash Forward, Original Dettinger Hohlwegrutscher, Ruynor, Think Twice
22.05. - 24.05.2015
mit: Montreal, The Jancee Pornick Casino, Motorjesus, Green Frog Feet, Staatspunkrott, Killing Age, Sly Old Dog, Ultimate Music Covers, Devil's Degression, Suit Up!, Loonatikk, Tin Woodmen, Humanizzed, Cloey, Belphi, The Dirters, Victim of Myself, x², Blurred, Problem System ...
06.06. - 08.06.2014
mit: Psychopunch, Nitrogods, Ivan Ivanovich & The Kreml Krauts, X², Mofakette, Rauta, Stahlmagen, Way To Bodhi, Zielscheibe, Repulse, Solle Vöhne, Bomb Whateva¿, Funky Fizzle, Original Dettinger Hohlwegrutscher
17.05. - 19.05.2013
mit: x², Generators, Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle, Mindead, TOS, Walter Subject, Dezemberkind, Stahlmagen, Stereo Dynamite, Stepfather Fred, Face Like Moses, Teaching Kelly, Kiss the Funky Monkey, Devil‘s Degression, Parkhaus, With Gasoline, Minutes From Memory, Ex Wife‘s Skull, Helena Calls Back ...
25.05. - 27.05.2012
mit: Big Ball, Electric Love, Aliens Ate My Setlist, Deliver, My Little Rockstar Dream, When Your Lungs Collapse, Red Sky Over Paris, Way to Bodhi
10.06. - 12.06.2011
mit: Templeton Pek, Rantanplan, Pissdolls, Stahlmagen, Wild Garlic, Shotgun Express, Rising Flames, The Plastic Smile, Original Dettinger Hohlwegrutscher, Devil's Degression, Roll On The Holidays
21.05. - 23.05.2010
mit: x2, Kugelschreibäääär, My Little Rockstar Dream, Isolierband, Solle Vöhne, Überdosis, Two Faces, Tetra-Pack, Repulse, Fetzer and the Turbochargers, Tieflader, Rockatary, Apetown, Zielscheibe, This Bleeding Soul, Stinky Pete & the rabid babies, The Seducers, S.P.A.C.K.S.
29.05. - 31.05.2009
mit: x², Die Häppitjuts, The Pissdolls, Solle Vöhne, Mr. Irish Bastard, Pilot, Ach Was!, RasgaRasga, Loonatikk, Lipstix, NoRMAhl, Lost Ideals, TOS, M*Bates, The Jancee Pornick Casino, Jagga Bites Combo
09.05. - 11.05.2008
mit: Solle Vöhne, Gallon, x², Scuffproof, Roses for Someone und Stahlmagen, The Bandgeek Mafia, Forrest Green, Stinky Pete, Dui Pfeifel, tools and tomatoes, Grin und Funky Fizzle, Staatspunkrott, Johnny Joker & the twilight kids, Isolierband, Anthony Zaro, The Strange, Allay, Skulls n Bones
25.05. - 27.05.2007
mit: X2, Süd-Apotheke, All Screams Silent, Ezzo, 22 Coltsuckers, Lunatic, Nulltarif, The Hanoise, Fetzer and the Turbochargers, Solle Vöhne, Jagga Bites Combo, Dezemberkind, Cowboys with smell, Jolly Japlin, Stinky Pete, Cubic Circle, The Tony Montanas
02.06. - 04.06.2006
mit: X², Black Puzzle, Dead Man's Hand, Lack of System, Rock'n'Roll Stormtroopers, Lama, Stinky Pete, Targa, Mars Mellow, Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle, Dusty Tweezer, H.E.L.L., Süd-Apotheke, Legion of Fate, Nulltarif, Solle Vöhne, Isolierband, Rather Be Fat