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26.07. - 28.07.2019
mit: The Heads, Crazyhead, Here & Now, The Cult Of Dom Keller, Electric Moon, Da Captain Trips, Red Sun, Bonnacons Of Doom, Global Skeleton Gong, The Fierce And The Dead, Wild Rocket, Acid Cannibals, Aos3, Ulysses, Deviant Amps, Paradise 9, Cary Grace
27.07. - 29.07.2018
mit: Mugstar, Back To The Planet, The Cosmic Dead, Zetan Spore, Stone From The Sky, Kangaroo Moon, Magick Brothers, Deviant Amps, The Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet, The Skraelings, Flutatious, Alpha Omega, Nukli, Lapis Lazuli, Krankschaft, Lacertilia, Sendelica, Sumerian Kyngs, Aurora ...
28.07. - 30.07.2017
Keine Bands angegeben
29.07. - 31.07.2016
mit: Astralasia, Hawklords, Gong, Zofff, Harvey Bainbridge, Sentient, Psigong, Metropolis, Glowpeople, Dubbal, The Tea Project, Andy Bole, The Archetypes, Nukli, Peyote Guru, Tanglemist, The Trolley Men, Sendelica, The Azimuth Coordinator, Deviant Amps, Shom, Cary Grace ...
24.07. - 26.07.2015
mit: System 7, Da Captain Trips, Here & Now, The Cult Of Dom Keller, Knifeworld, Nukli, Krankschaft, Sacred Geometry Banned, Psigong, Spirits of the Earth, InvisibleOperaCompany, Sendelica, Paradise 9, Jah Buddha, Tribe of Cro, Deviant Amps, The Majestic, The Roz Bruce Infusion, Dubbal, The Timelords ...
25.07. - 27.07.2014
mit: Zetan Spore, House Of Thandoy, Sentient, The Cult Of Dom Keller, Radical Dance Faction, Olympic Clamp Down, Crucified Twins, The Glissando Guitar Orchestra, Silverspace, Magic Bus, Shankara, Doozer McDooze, Astralasia, Mugstar, Inner City Unit, The Magic Twins, The Archetypes, Paradise 9, Dubbal ...