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mit: Eskimo Callboy, Nasty, Stray From The Path, Adept, The Devil Wears Prada, To the Rats and Wolves, Imminence, Gideon, Loathe, Mental Cruelty
mit: Stick To Your Guns, Caliban, Emil Bulls, Lionheart, Any Given Day, Counterparts, Silent Planet, Grizzly, Bad Omens, Employed To Serve, Acres, Comrades
mit: Caliban, The Amity Affliction, Suicide Silence, Northlane, Stray From The Path, To the Rats and Wolves, Rise Of The Northstar, Desolated, Wage War, Vitja, Desolace
mit: Callejon, Eskimo Callboy, Deez Nuts, Nasty, Adept, The Browning, Any Given Day, Capture The Crown, Expire, To the Rats and Wolves, Break Down A Venue, Miles Beneath