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mit: BeatHotel, The Tropicals, Take off your Shirts, The Hep Cats, Los Sopranos, Inn-Kognito
mit: Boxhead, The Tropicals, Flos Overdrive, RoadShot, Inn-Kognito, Crazy Country Jester
mit: Kalapi, Azucar Cubana, Take Off Your Shirts, The Hep Cats, Domino Effect, Los Sopranos, Mixed 5, Tin Cups, Rat Road
mit: Maidenhead, Azucar Cubana, Take Off Your Shirts, Red Cap Cats, Domino effect, Los Sopranos, Intra Anima, Famous Unknown, Crazy Country Jester, Rat Road
mit: Pigs in Paradise, Edin & Friends, Getting private in public, The Hep Cats, Rileus, Blackdriver, Boxhead, Mixed 5, Uli & Michi, The Botchers, Six Acrosss
mit: Simply Soul, Vinylshop, Wild String, Tropicals, Boogie Nirvana, Cellarfolks, Rat Road, Huntcase, Boxhead, RoxxDoxx, The Hep Cats, Barkin Sons
mit: Dad And, Vinylshop, Eyes of Paradize, Tropicals, Rileus, Boxhead, Rat Road, Sold Out, Los Sopranos, Big Pack, The Trisonics
mit: Günther Sigl, Kitty City Rockers, Groove Garage, Dielettanten, The Twist and Shout, Casa del Bo, 8-Ball-Band, The Hep Cats, Rat Road, 4-Way-Street, Soul United, Boiling Ink
24.04. - 25.04.2010
mit: Los Sopranos, Jazz Police, Jaam, Casa Del Bo, Wild Strings, Zane & John, Wiesnkönige, Gallows Birds, Star People, Rockin Fifties, Bernd Rinser
mit: Roy, Bluescream, Boiling Ink, Azucar Cubana, The 3 Occasional 5, The Hep Cats, Rat Road, Los Sopranos, MunichFunkSociety, Just Chanpero