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05.01. - 07.01.2023
mit: Scars Of Yesterday, Lacrimas Profundere, Emerald, Brainstorm, Royal Desolation, Nitrogods, Mystic Prophecy, Xii Gallon Overdose, Bulletproof Monkeys, Hydrahog, Mad Max, Atlantean Kodex, Pink Cream 69, V8 Wankers
06.01. - 08.01.2022
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07.01. - 09.01.2021
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09.01. - 11.01.2020
mit: Fat Dog, Diamond Head, Lechery, Fighter V, Pretty Wild, Praying Mantis, Stallion, Sweet Needles, Lucy Four, Evolve, Blessed Hellride, Evergrey, Dynazty
10.01. - 12.01.2019
mit: Chickenhouse, Shakra, The Night Flight Orchestra, Rock Out, Animal Drive, Gus G, Bonesetter, Gloria Volt, Fire Rose, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar, Stormzone, Sorcerer, The Treatment
04.01. - 06.01.2018
mit: Rock Out, Lords Of Black, Thunderstone, One Desire, Spitefuel, Maverick, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Black Diamonds, Damian Wilson, Emerald, Twentydarkseven, Herman Frank, Dream Evil, Chainer
05.01. - 07.01.2017
mit: Mad Sox, Serenity, Excelsis, XII Gallon Overdose, Skansis, Jaded Heart, Treat, Blackwater, Black Mount Rise, Surrender The Crown, Johnboy, Almanac, Threshold, Devil's Gun
07.01. - 09.01.2016
mit: Pertness, Jorn, Crossplane, Worry Blast, Victorius, Stop Stop, Victory, ToxicRose, Gloria Volt, Trail Of Murder, Ammunition, Iron Savior, Grand Magus, Sister
08.01. - 10.01.2015
mit: Rusted Guns, Dirty Age, Bloody Mary Heavy Rock, Dominant Seventh, Philipp Bluedög Gerber feat. Freddy Steady & J.C. Wirth, Dezperadoz, Sister Sin, Dynamite Sweden, The Minx, Human Zoo, Eclipse, Morgana Lefay, Brainstorm, Kissin' Dynamite
02.01. - 04.01.2014
mit: Endoras, Pertness, Gloryhammer, Excelsis, Chickenhouse, The New Black, Motorjesus, Nitrogods, The Order, Fatal Smile, Freedom Call, Bonafide, Hardbone
03.01. - 05.01.2013
mit: Defaced, Art of Phobia, Arcturon, Scream your Name, Breakdown of Sanity, The Minx, Hollywood Burnouts, Ohrenfeindt, Playback & Lieveshow, Seemann Kobu, The Crumpets, Rage, 77, Bloody Horseface
04.01. - 07.01.2012
mit: Högerschnooger Wasen, Fröschlochruugger Zell, Oeschschränzer Subigen, Clawerfield, Scream Your Name, some kind of noise, Seemannsgarn, United to be Famous, Chickenhouse, Hang Loose, DC/AC, Flyers, Intruder, The Crumpets, Hardcore Bluesband, Treekillaz, Shakra, Kung Food Pandas, Dj Geffu
06.01. - 08.01.2011
mit: Gugge-Itrinkete, Högerschnooger Wasen, Fröschlochrugger Zell LU, Slowdrive, Let There Be Rokk, Hollywood Burnout, Excelsis, The Crumpets, Granit, The Order, Gun Barrel, Kung Foo Pandas
07.01. - 09.01.2010
mit: Pregnancy, Unchain, United to be Famous, DJ. Geffu, Tow Rivers, The Aikenz, HardcorebluesBand, Crown Of Glory, Treekillaz, Duo Liederlig
08.01. - 10.01.2009
mit: Manifold, Trinity, Me and the Rest, Draven, Two Rivers, The Aikenzz, Chickenhouse, Dusty Boots, Hardcore Bluesband