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mit: La Confianza, Le Fly, Der Wahnsinn, Good Morning Fire Eater, Texas Local News, Flash Forward, Rascal's Corner, Help Me Goliath, Metzer58
mit: Buffet Of Fate, Broadway Killers, Mick Baff, Summery Mind, BattleCat, Hi! Spencer, Insolvent Insomniacs, Monster unter meinem Bett, Took Refuge
mit: Tape, Der Fall Böse, Tune Circus, Roast Apple, Breathe Atlantis, Razzmatazz, Your Chaos, Hey Miracle, Ian Doe
mit: Vampires on Tomato Juice, Adolar, Fire in Fairyland, Melloy, Home to Paris, Empty Veins, Cold Karma Circus, Mr. G. and his Billy Boys, Orange (Bornfield), Carillon
mit: Bxdxf, Cyrcus, Joe Farmer, In My Dreams, A Tale Of Amity, Midair feat. Linguisten, Tree Inc., t*fd*s, Incomplete
mit: Eat The Gun, Hello Bomb, Nerd Academy, Campaign Like Clockwork, Shellycoat, Insert Coin, WirFürWen, Colors That Blend Well, Nada, Ursa Major Space Station