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mit: Sweeping Death, Rustinal, [Hell Inc], Still Awake, I SET FIRE, GloryDaze, Pike's Edge, The Hellraizörs
mit: Grand Massive, Atropos Wrath, GloryDaze, I Set Fire, Vour, Show Me A Sign, 85 Astatine
mit: Cauterize, Narin, Entoria, Cravingsun, Vour, I Set Fire, GloryDaze, Rising Spirit, The Morphean, Motörblock
mit: Hollywood Burnouts, Van Dalen, Child On Fire, I Set Fire, GloryDaze, A Thought Unleashed, Dirty Attic, Ironkid, Last Glow, QEF
mit: Ad Nemori, Reverend Hound, Erroneous, Rustinal, I Set Fire, Schädlwäh, Infinum, Symbolic, Lem Motlow, Spiral Architects
mit: Wolfchant, Darkseed, Eiswerk, M.a.d., The Angry And The Fish, Dead Man's Chamber, Knaat, Dissorted, Das Cabinet, Lem Motlow
mit: A Thousand Years Slavery, Rapture, Promethee, Dead Mans Chamber, Schädlwäh, Sequester, The Angry And The Fish, Abandoned Dreams, Eternal Torture, Enhazor, Steel Cage