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21.08. - 22.08.2015
mit: The Bonny Situation, Le Fly, Was Wenns Regnet, Razz, Der Plot, Paperstreet Empire, Mondo Mash Up Soundsystem, Francis Riley And The Floorboarders, Kochkraft durch KMA, Fall To Rise, Jordy's Pride, Get Scarlet, Hakuna
15.08. - 17.08.2014
mit: Dirty Honkers, Liedfett, Any Given Day, Rockstah, Benzin, KMPFSPRT, Paperstreet Empire, Fox Named King, To the Rats and Wolves, Faakmarwin, Cause for Confusion, Gorilla Taxi, Betrayers of Babylon, Breathe Atlantis, Sunchair, Käpt’n Moby, Macaba, Elvellon, Die ganz normalen Bürger, Rascal’s Corner ...
06.09. - 08.09.2013
mit: Le Fly, Boppin'B, Supershirt, Montreal, MC Fitti, SAM, Silent Screams, Manual Kant, Vitja, Leitkegel, Benjamin Peters, Razz, One Morning In Spring, Mondo Mash Up Soundsystem, Fuerte, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Dread Burden, Funked Up, Jordy's Pride, Fix u If u Broke, Masterones, The Reenactments
07.09. - 09.09.2012
mit: Blackmail, The Bonny Situation, Egotronic, Madison Affair, Jamie Clarke's Perfect, Zauberlehrling, Disposed to Mirth, April Uprising, Day After, Paperstreet Empire, Hurricane Dean, After Show Party, Phyria, The Peak, Desert In Your Backyard, Das Expeditionsteam, Rockameier, Neuser ...
09.09. - 10.09.2011
mit: Turbostaat, Benzin, Motorjesus, Eben Unruhig, Eskimo Callboy, Fuerte, Paperstreet Empire, The Porters, JonaS, Macaba, Minerva, Owners Manual, So kind Stacy, The Staars, Das Ding, In A Flash, Jonas Anlahr, Le Fly, Marie and the redCat, Mobilee, Mud Guard, Wilhelm Tell Me
28.05. - 30.05.2010
mit: The Spae, Holodeck, Aeronautix, Thalamus, The Bonny Situation, Wir heben ab!, Emily's Necklace, Synasthasia, What?, One Bullet Left, Danger!Beuys, Le Fly, Timid Tiger, Joyful Voices, Joyful Voices, Taniyan, Martin Brückner Band, Mobilée, Best Of Unsigned, Lake Cisco, Dreadnut Inc., Bahooga ...
28.08. - 30.08.2009
mit: Days Eleven, Weiß mit Hut, Gatecrash, Angelika Express, The Bonny Situation, The4Dirty5, Enemy Within, All I Left Behind, Devils Door, Emmy Shot A Unicorn, Motorjesus, Benzin, Skarface, Alex Amsterdam, Day After, Rockameier, Paperjack, Dakota, Punk'd Royal, Organic, Zauberlehrling
22.08. - 24.08.2008
mit: Crash Casino, Trustgame, New Hope, Already Torn, The Bonny Situation, Murdock, Thalamus, Vyron, In Morpheus' Arms, Jordy's Pride, Hell in Hell, Aeronautix, Murphy Slim and the Backbones
26.08. - 27.08.2006
mit: Bad Ambitions, Lopinto Seven, Gran Superior, Benzin, Bulletproof, Enter the Phoenix, Dimi, Avid, LiLi, Diatribe, Serenity Gray, No ones choice, Gods of Blitz