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07.06. - 10.06.2019
mit: DJ Craft, The Movement, Veedel Kaztro, Tami, Iono, Steve Next Door, The Current State of Claustrophobia, Fayola und Nora, Band des Walk of Care, Microphone Maffia, Christoph Theu▀l
02.06. - 05.06.2017
mit: Los Fastidios, Disarstar, Scruffyheads, Cunning Mantrap, A Date with Mary, Mondo MashUp Soundsystem, MC Smook, Elisai, Masur & Crudelis, Streem
22.05. - 25.05.2015
mit: Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird, S.Castro, Narcolaptic
25.05. - 28.05.2012
mit: La Papa Verde, The Coconut Butts, Derbst One
21.05. - 24.05.2010
mit: Sinan, The Mighty Mamut Movement, Ratatouille
09.05. - 12.05.2008
mit: Microphone Mafia, Chaoze One & Lotta C, Anarchist Academy, The Special Guests, The Clerks, Rotdorn