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02.07. - 04.07.2021
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03.07. - 05.07.2020
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12.07. - 14.07.2019
mit: CJ Ramone, Le Fly, Marathonmann, Engst, Kellermensch, Capitano, North Alone, Idecent Behaivior, Raskob Rails, Road Rage, Ballerband, Dave de Bourg, Travels & Trunks, Stereokeys
29.06. - 01.07.2018
mit: Red City Radio, The Offenders, Radio Havanna, Grizzly, 8kids, Kaffkönig, Black Mirrors, Coppersky, Primetime Failure, Jawknee Music, Philosophical Warlords And The Kiss, Revolution Inc., Beautiful Bunch
30.06. - 02.07.2017
mit: Venerea, Rogers, The Prosecution, Antillectual, The Movement, 13 Crowes, Coogans Bluff, Stereogold, Scherf & Band, A Hurricane's Revenge, Quersumme 6, The Anti Anti Supergroup
01.07. - 03.07.2016
mit: The Real McKenzies, Atlas Losing Grip, GWLT, Trouble Orchestra, Abramowicz, WUCAN, Skin of Tears, DDP, John Allen, Redensart, King Lui, E.D.E.N., Janitz, Quersumme 6, Humbug
03.07. - 05.07.2015
mit: Rantanplan, Red City Radio, Tim Vantol, Not Available, Coogans Bluff, The Moorings, The Jancee Pornick Casino, The Sensitives, The Satellite Year, Versus You, Freizeithelden, Jochen Leuff und Band, Außholtz, Jawknee music, Venus-69, Penny Power
04.07. - 06.07.2014
mit: Massendefekt, Mega! Mega!, Love A, The Porters, All for Nothing, Ruby Shock, ZenZebra, Rapid, Der Wieland, Mikro and the Long Johns, Dead End Street Department
17.08. - 19.08.2012
mit: Addicted To Machines, Conmoto, First Class Ticket, Frau Potz, The Flatliners, Play My Favorits, Tobey Trueblood, We Arms, Nations Afire, Shubangi & the Maxons, Micro & The Wrong Mob
19.08. - 21.08.2011
mit: Cancer, Mike Herrera, The Menzingers, Street Dogs, Redondo Beat, Monocarspeaker, The Headless Horsemen, Bloodwhoere, Urban Animals
20.08. - 22.08.2010
mit: Strike Anywhere, His Statue Falls, Your Inner Durden, Tim Vantol, We Arms, The Schogettes, Six Nation, Mouth, Micro & The Wrong Mob
14.08. - 16.08.2009
mit: Face down stereo, First class Ticket, Borrachos, Your Hero, Tiny Y Son, The Flatliners, Louis Lament, The Boonaraaas, Black Sheriff
15.08. - 17.08.2008
mit: The Convois, For Heads Down, Fire In The Attic, Waterdown, Bandgeek Mafia, Hoo Doo Girl, Talco, The Audience, Crazy Crizzy & The Crizzly Beers
17.08. - 19.08.2007
mit: Flutschfingers, Second Monday, The Universal Indicator, Vanilla Sky, The Draft, Project54, Travolter, Coppelius, Profession Reporter