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27.09. - 29.09.2019
mit: 22, Anima Tempo, Aphyxion, Arch Echo, Atlas, Azure, Betraying the Martyrs, Between the buried and me, Car Bomb, Cold Night For Alligators, Controversial, Dead Letter Circus, Frostbitt, Ghost Iris, Head with Wings, Kadinja, Kin Beneath Chorus, Klone, Mobius, Odd Palace, Rendezvous Point, Shokran ...
05.10. - 07.10.2018
mit: Adimiron, Aiming For Enrike, Cabal, Caligula's Horse, Circles, Copia, Crippled Black Phoenix, Dhark, Hibakusha, Hypno5e, Humanity's Last Breath, Kadinja, Kartikeya, Letters from the colony, Monuments, Organized Chaos, Soen, Syndemic, Theia, Vildhjarta, Vola, Votum, White Walls
29.09. - 01.10.2017
mit: Devin Townsend, Textures, Twelve Foot Ninja, The Arusha Accord, The Algorithm, sleepmakeswaves, The Hirsch Effekt, Uneven Structure, Exivious, Kadinja, Lo!, Atlantis Chronicles, Make Me A Donut, Isaac Vacuum, A Kew's Tag, Dukatalon, Second Horizon, Atlin, Bear, Colonel Petrov's Good Judgement ...
30.09. - 02.10.2016
mit: A Dark Orbit, Aliases, All Tomorrows, Amber Sea, Anima Tempo, Animals as Leaders, Ayahuasca, Black Crown Initiate, Born of Osiris, Carcer City, Clawerfield, Cold Night For Alligators, Dead Letter Circus, Deadly Circus Fire, Disperse, Enslaved, Exist Immortal, Ghost Iris, Grim van Doom ...
01.10. - 03.10.2015
mit: Between The Buried And Me, Monuments, Cynic, Aeolist, Aliases, Alaya, Atmospheres, Beyond the Dust, David Maxim Micic, Cyclamen, Defrakt, Destiny Potato, Destrage, Devil Sold His Soul, DispersE, Eden Circus, Genuine Aspect, Haken, Hypno5e, Juggernaut, Kadinja, Klone, Kora Winter, Leprous ...
02.10. - 04.10.2014
mit: Sikth, Animals as Leaders, Tesseract, Monuments, Heart of a Coward, Vildhjarta, The Algorithm, Misery Signals, Leprous, Chimp Spanner, The Safety Fire, Uneven Structure, Agent Fresco, Hypno5e, Exivious, Felix Martin, Circle of Contempt, Bear, Mike Dawes, The Heavy Metal Ninjas, Pomegranate Tiger ...
11.10. - 13.10.2013
mit: Meshuggah, Aliases, Arsis, Bear, Benea Reach, Cambion, Circles, Cyclamen, Dawn Heist, Deathember, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Empathea, Ever Forthright, Feared, Grandexit, Hacride, Heights, Hord, Humanitys Last Breath, Hypno5e, Kartikeya, Lifeforms, Monuments, Nexilva, Overdown, Pomegranate Tiger ...
18.10. - 21.10.2012
mit: Long Distance Calling, Scar Symmetry, After The Burial, Jeff Loomis, Tesseract, Skyharbor, War From A Harlots Mouth, Monuments, Vildhjarta, Sybreed, Agent Fresco, Chimp Spanner, Destrage, Circle Of Contempt, C.B. Murdoc, Disperse, Exivious, Uneven Structure, The Algorithm, The Interbeing ...
21.10. - 22.10.2011
mit: Mnemic, Textures, Vildhjarta, Tesseract, Sybreed, Monuments, Chimp Spanner, Panzerballett, Aliases, Visions, Uneven Structure, The Algorithm, Devastating Enemy, Subversion, Proghma C, Destiny Potato, Cruentus, Disperse, Afekth, Disconcrete, Kryn, Illucinoma, Shattered Skies, Syranic, Xerath
mit: Monuments, Chimp Spanner, Vildhjarta, Aliases, Uneven Structure, Eryn Non Dae, Nightshade, Divine Temptation, Syranic
mit: Devine Zero, Bloodattack, Obscura, Lot, Abendland, Decision to Defy, Worldescape, Dew-Scented, Fiendish Gloom, Damage Source, Disörder