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mit: Grand Magus, Nitrogods, Lost Society, High Voltage Overdrive, Blind Alley, Suncold, Gawither, Fieberwahn, Mygist
mit: Suicidal Angels, Big Ball, Stereo.Pilot, Milking the Goatmachine, Voices of Decay, Meat Devourer, Black Symphonic, Upcoming Storm
mit: Maroon, Kissin' Dynamite, Zodiac Ass, Day Shine Rising, Prehate, Reach us Endorphine
mit: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Paradox, Contradiction, Figure Of Six, Scrat Till Death, Serum
20.06. - 21.06.2008
mit: Hate Squad, Debauchery, Through Your Silence, Right To Silence, The Little White Bunny, Axis Of Evil, Skabones, President Evil, Grantig, Watch Me Bleed, Blood Edition, Eternity Ends
08.06. - 09.06.2007
mit: Volbeat, The Order, Voices Of Decay, Coma, The Sorrow, Eluveitie, Ictus Mortis, Outcry, Schwarzblut, Chainsaw, Ohmygods, Sombrous
26.05. - 27.05.2006
mit: Brainstorm, Cataract, Legion Of The Damned, Silentdecay, Exotherm, Apophis, Breach Of Ethics, Alight, N.i.p., The Black Sheep, Asses Of Fire