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08.08. - 10.08.2019
mit: Cock Sparrer, Perkele, Die Kassierer, Dritte Wahl, Oxo86, Berliner Weisse, The Casualties, Slapshot, Lionheart, No Turning Back, Jaya The Cat, Risk It, Punishable Act, Tausend L÷wen unter Feinden, Strongbow, Maid Of Ace, Starts, Lousy, CheapStuff, Suede Razors
09.08. - 11.08.2018
mit: Stomper 98, Terror, The Baboon Show, Jasta, H2o, Sondaschule, Oxo86, Comeback Kid, Nasty, Booze & Glory, Ryker's, Evergreen Terrace, Deez Nuts, Siberian Meat Grinder, The Real Mc Kenzies, Jaya The Cat, Grade 2, Eastside Boys, Take Offense, Gumbles, Acidez, Crim, Uncured, Isolated, Get The Shot, The Young Ones, Myra, The Bloodstrings, Turbulent Hearts, Aggressive, Sympathy For The Devil
10.08. - 12.08.2017
mit: Madball, Rude Pride, Gumbles, Cock Sparrer, Judge Dread Memorial, Knuckledust, Your Demise, Troopers, Total Chaos, Toxpack, The Porters, Trapped Under Ice, The Baboon Show, Stomper 98, Terror, Sydney Ducks, The Generators, Sick Of It All, Rykers, Perkele, SS-Kaliert, Isolated, Evergreen Terrace, Ignite, Louise Distras, Eastside Boys, Buster Shuffle, Deadline, 4 Promille, Blood For Blood, Bad Co. Project, Bierpatrioten, Betontod, Booze & Glory, Auld Corn Brigade, Agnostic Front
11.08. - 13.08.2016
mit: Cock Sparrer, Agnostic Front, Terror, The Baboon Show, Booze & Glory, H2O, Nasty, Street Dogs, Bishops Green
06.08. - 08.08.2015
mit: Madball, Dritte Wahl, Toxpack, Slapshot, Rykers, Walls Of Jericho, Oxo86, Discipline, 4 Promille, Death By Stereo, Deadline, Evergreen Terrace, Peter Pan Speedrock, Touche Amore, Bonecrusher, Sondaschule, First Blood, Buster Shuffle, C.O.R., Maximum Penalty, Soifass, Eastside Boys, Darkbuster, Crushing Caspars, Johnny Wolga, The Filaments, Grade 2, Coldburn, Burning Lady, Out Of Order
07.08. - 09.08.2014
mit: Sick Of It All, Stomper 98, Ryker's, Toxpack, Berliner Weisse, Deez Nuts, Booze & Glory, Vitamin X, Bonecrusher, Volxsturm, Gumbles, Rantanplan, C.O.R., Lion's Law, Risk It!, Total Chaos, F.B.I., Rat City Riot, Isolated, The Suburbs
08.08. - 10.08.2013
mit: Perkele, Agnostic Front, Madball, 4 Promille, The Bones, Dritte Wahl, Discipline, Bierpatrioten, Street Dogs, Evergreen Terrace, Volxsturm, Oxo86, Buster Shuffle, On The Job, The Creepshow, Bad Co. Project, Risk It!, Saints & Sinners, Strongbow, Payback, A Traitor Like Judas, Die Punkroiber, Coldburn, Get Dead, Johnny Wolga, Louise Distras, Pogoexpress, Halbstarke Jungs
09.08. - 11.08.2012
mit: Sick Of it All, Stomper 98, Toxpack, Deez Nuts, Your Demise, Eastside Boys, Bad Co. Project, The Porters, Auld Corn Brigade, Booze & Glory
mit: Sheer Terror, Blood For Blood, Ignite, The Exploited, The Adicts, Comeback Kid, Mad Sin, Evil Conduct, Argy Bargy, Bad Co. Project, Berliner Weisse, Blitzkid, Born From Pain, Buster Shuffle, Death Before Dishonor, Gumbles, Peter Pan Speedrock, Springtoifel, Street Dogs, Strike Anywhere, The Crack, The Other, The Real McKenzies, Toxpack, Volxsturm, Wisdom In Chains, Growing Movement, Marching Orders, On The Job, The Ruckers
12.08. - 14.08.2010
mit: Cock Sparrer, Perkele, Madball, Stomper 98, Deadline, Smoke Blow, Volxsturm, Ashers, Bad Co.Project, Buster Shuffle, No Turning Back, Civet, First Blood, Argy Bargy, Hellratz, Broilers, Harrington Saints, Sick Sinus, Arthur an the Spooners, Built On Trust, Manifestation, Sondaschule