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16.06. - 17.06.2023
mit: Mamba Bites, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Sickret, Velvet Two Stripes, Open Season, Blind Butcher, Cobee, SvmthoX, Die Textinische Kapelle, Edna, Mättu & Schnuder Buebe
mit: Fai Baba, Tomazobi, Nofnog, Waldskin, Los Vacios de Charly, CoachMC, The Jackets
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mit: Pablo Infernal, Churchhill, Slam & Howie, Lia Sells Fish, Nasty Rumours, Horace, More Eats, Renken, The Wise Fools
mit: The Shabs, Freezes Deyna, Knackeboul, Wazomba, Midrake, Milena Patagônia, Moontalker, Loretta
mit: Another Me, The Giant Robots, Root'system, Claudia Stephani & the Flying Foxes, Basement Saints, The Souls, Little Toe, Mike Ständer Band
mit: Marey, Red Shoes, Red 'n' Jones, Groombridge, Bling Bling Sistars, Troubas Kater, Duck Duck Grey Duck, The Shit, Suehiro Commander
mit: Repus, WKvF, The Crumpets, The Monkberry Moon Orchestra, Traktorkestar, The Lovers, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Club de Bombordo, Migre le Tigre
mit: D'Nab, The Blues Express, Rebel Squad, Redwood, The Roaring Twenties, Death by Chocolate, Bubi Eifach, The Siegfrieds & Toys, Überyou, Luke Hilly & The Cavalry
21.06. - 22.06.2013
mit: Oli Kehrli, Die Gebirgspoeten, Trummer, The Orengjatangs, 4A&LBCK, Elle Driver, Bob's Country Bunker Residential Band, Peggy Bee & The Revolting Three, Mani Porno, Menic, Collie Herb & The Vibe Controllers, The Monsters, Allschwil Posse, Radio Dead Ones
22.06. - 23.06.2012
mit: Les trois Suisses, Menü wird serviert, Bänz Friedli, Tomazobi, High Heels, Death By Chocolate, Hot Running Blood, Churchhill, Goodbye Fairbanks, Peacocks, Domi Chansorn, Knackeboul, Illeist Collective, Dj Danny Ramone, Dj Tom-S
mit: Maryam, Ophelia's Iron Vest, Little Toe, Ophelias's Iron Vest, Mundartisten, Wazomba, Slam & Howie, Favez, Baze, Dj Le Président
mit: Blue Ties Big Band, Dimitri, Mama Rosin, Delilahs, The Black Box Revelation, Lombego Surfers Outlaw, Davy Rootbase, Bere si Tutun, Cookie the Herbalist, The Monofones Garage
mit: Chocolococolo, Dexter Doom and the Loveboat Orchestra, Ophelia's Iron Vest, Tobin Taxi, Of Queens and Rats, K.A.L.I., Undiscovered Soul, The Big Bang Boogie, Senior Pepe & Band, DJ Le Président
mit: Sidewalkpoets, Bosca, Lee Everton, Baze, Navel, Palmer, Watchmaking, Alejandro Jiménez, The Fags, Das Pferd, Fut*dumm Crew